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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Is there anywhere online where I can put a download link into and it will play the video for me? Don't trust downloading things onto my computer.
  2. Where are you downloading from and do you have an anti-virus?
  3. No, but I'm sure if you check the comments from users everything will be okay.
  4. Just anywhere, like the DDP yoga for example, even though it's meant to be safe my computer still went wonky afterwards.

    You know, I really wish I was as good with computers as you are. I'd be able to do what you do and boast to everyone about how knowledgeable I am, I'd be such a fanny magnet.

    How are the forums by the way?
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  5. Nope, sorry. Are you wanting to watch films?

    Wait, if it is the forum I think you are talking about, I knew it was him who owned it! Just didn't know for sure. However, it could be a different forum.
  6. Need to know a bit more than "went wonky" lol. Do you mean you had proper issues with your PC or your anti-virus went on a frenzy?
  7. Yeah just anything downloadable, wasn't expecting anything but oh well, cheers anyway.


    Well it crashed a couple of times but I'm not sure it was related :/
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