News Plan for "special" episode of RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 1, 2013.

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  2. :idk:
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  3. I wouldn't mind seeing this, but instead of Main Event, why not have it as NXT? Show case some young talent and a few casual's may start watching NXT.
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    Split the show into three parts that are essentially the exact same thing, seems like a fantastic idea!
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  5. Sounds stupid as shit to me.
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  6. Throw NXT in there instead of Main Event an it'd be better.
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  7. Agreed! Let Paige show her stuff! They can leave out "Boo" Dallas though. Did Kruger take his belt yet? lol.
  8. NXT has to remain separate. I too would prefer to see NXT and have the young guns have that big experience, but it is a developmental brand after all and is a separate fed in many ways. The NXT product is more a glimpse at the future of what WWE could be like, don't pull them down to WWE's current level.

    I won't tune in for the first hour because SmackDown just sucks. Main Event will suck but it might have some big names appearing, and obviously will be pumped to see the last hour of RAW.
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  9. Smackdown is okaaaaay, but I hate that they made Vicki the GM. Ugh :facepalm1:
  10. Playboy episode??:yes::fap:
  11. Oh man if she does Playboy like so many Divas before her.........:win:
  12. No just no that idea just sounds to messy
  13. Well at least if the commentary team changes we only get one hour of King and only 2 of Vintage Michael Cole.
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  14. This would make some sense if the brand wars would still be on, and the rosters split.
  15. Vintage Michael Cole laughing. I notice recently he has started using different words.
  16. Yeah... Don't really like the idea. But I guess we'll see what happens. I can never watch an episode of Raw anyways, but I find Smackdown more entertaining... Never watched Main Event though.
  17. Main Event is fun to watch, I would recommend it :emoji_slight_smile:
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  18. Ummmm... hey Vince... uhh... wat?
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  19. I would watch it, but I live in Canada. And the main event channel is U.S. only. btw, awesome signature!

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