Plans for AJ Styles World Title Reign

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  1. - As seen on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling, AJ Styles “walked out” of the company with the TNA World Heavyweight Title. TNA is planning on sending AJ to The Great Muta’s promotion in Japan and AAA in Mexico where he will defend the belt and claim to be the real TNA World Champion. This will lead to a champion vs. champion match somewhere down the line.

  2. Even though it sounds so much like Ric Flair being the real World Heavyweight champion, I honestly think the idea is cool. AJ going around claiming he is the real TNA world heavyweight champion and defending it in other promotions is a way to sell the whole "I'm leaving TNA" storyline pretty good.
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  3. Plus it actually promotes TNA around the globe, specifically Mexico and Japan.

    Good thing if this happens.

    The next question who is he gonna be defending it against? Maybe Funaki in Japan, and El Mesias in AAA? Who knows, it's nebulous!
  4. Pretty smart idea :obama: This is what CM Punk should have done when he got the WWE Championship and "left" WWE.
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  5. Sounds good. I actually think they'll have Bully slowly come back to beat down the wrestlers and Dixie will have to realise that they need AJ to really put Bully down but then AJ returns and we have the Champion vs Champion thing, hopefully with Roode, Aries or Joe.
  6. Earlier today, TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles posted the following in regards to his plans for the future:

    @AJStylesOrg : "Really looking forward to defending my title around the world. No worries, I'll bring the belt to you."
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  7. Roode vs Styles would be my favourite
  8. I'm hyped for this, it's a story I've wanted for a while in general but never thought one of the big two would do it. I really hope they strike up a deal with one of the US companies too such as PWG imagine AJ Vs Cole in a champ vs champ match. It being in the US would add a nice layer to it. They need to show him every week though with interview feeds too.

    I'm unsure who I want him to face this early though. It'd need to be Dixie's chosen champ but I hope that doesn't mean EC3.
  9. Speaking of PWG... Joey Ryan is still in good terms with TNA, and he's one of the PWG founders which means he has influence there. There's been some rumors today that Styles might end up in PWG for their next show to defend the title.

    Not to mention AJ is a former PWG champion and spent a couple of years there too.
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  10. Awesome, this is what I wanted to see in the 2011 Punk storyline, obviously wasn't going to happen then so this sounds pretty cool.
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  11. It seems that this may be done better than CM Punk at MITB '11. I like the idea of him defending it at other promotions for the storyline. And a plus is that it helps promote TNA. TNA is taking a step in the right direction with this one.
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  12. TNA so copying WWE with putting the title on AJ Styles who is against Dixie which ironially is like WWE with Daniel against management meaning HHH
  13. :lol1: BLFFL accused TNA of stealing the wrong storyline. Sure knows what's going on
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  14. This AJ Styles thing is already damn good.

    If there's one thing TNA needs, that's internation promotion. This is doing it, Japan, Mexico...
  15. she got the right one Leo, it's the corporation story (h = Dixie and DB = AJ.) Atleast in her mind it made sense. The story is generic either way so can't say I'm bothered by it though.
  16. It's just that it's exactly like the 2011 story, otherwise doing any angle with authority vs wrestler would be a WWE ripoff. Oh well, why debate this anyway
  17. AJ retained against Messias, as expected.
  18. - Styles defended the TNA Title against El Mesias in the semi-main event of the night. The match went almost 20 minutes, with great back-and-forth action and some really good aerial spots from both wrestlers.

    - The match ended with Styles submitting Mesias to the Calf Killer.

    - To set up the match, AAA gave the audience a brief review of what has happened in TNA and that Styles decided to defend his title against the best wrestlers in the world. El Mesías was the chosen one tonight.
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  19. Yeah, it's a ripoff of the CM Punk angle and the Authority angle all in one, but WWE completely botched those two so I'll be happy to see what TNA does with them... even though the last time they tried a "ripoff angle" (the Road to Redemption, which much like those other two are just generic wrestling angles) it didn't turn out that well either (but we don't know the original plan).

    If TNA has a working business relationship with AAA and NJPW with Jeff Jarrett a bigger part of Creative (who could take full advantage of that) that's great news for TNA.

    Hope that match is available soon, would love to see how this plays out in the ring. :emoji_slight_smile:
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