News Plans for Damien Sandow

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Oct 10, 2013.

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    Face turn sounds awful. Sandow's one of very few heels that actually draws heat quite often. I love his character, no way should he change.

    I would have marked for a failed Sandow cash-in, that reaction would be hilarious.
  2. Yeah, I don't like this idea at all either. He's a great heel and his gimmick is perfect
  3. Again... I need to point out that some shitty dirtsheet website posts this as "BACKSTAGE NEWS" and everyone eats it up like gospel. I'm sure the turd who wrote that blurb got his info straight from Vince and Trips' booking meetings!! He's an insider!! :pity2:

  4. You don't need to point that out at all. Eveyone know that. Thanks though.
  5. a few points here. Him going babyface will be fuckall when he has to face rhodes, who isnt going heel. If they ignore Rhodes, fans will go wild, and Turning Sandow babyface is going to work as well as ADR getting heat for reinjuring Cena. People will forget it happened a week later.

    This is a terrible idea, and im betting with his babyface turn COMES a failed cash in, and another shitty attempt at selling ADR as 100% heel. I literally can only remember ADR losing fairly twice this year. Once to DZ after WM and once to RR this past week. You have to be kidding me.

  6. You're welcome, sweetie.
  7. Don't think his character would be used well as a face. I could think of a few scenarios where he makes his opponent look like an idiot.
    But yeah, I don't think he needs to turn face.
  8. Turning Sandow babyface might be a mistake. He has more of a heel gimmick. Although i don't think he would have any problem getting over as a babyface. It might be interesting to see.

    I'm going to miss Sandow calling us the "unwashed masses".
  9. What they need to do is stop making him lose pretty much every match he's in, though I figured he'd be the one who fails cashing in. So it makes me wonder why he even got it in the first place :/
  10. to be fair its about time someone lost when they cashed in MITB. cena lost but that was because he told them he was going to cash it in. everyone else has won it so it would be interesting to see what happens if he fails to win
  11. Sandow can't turn. His gimmick is perfect, he's one of those guys that if he was to turn face, it should happen organically with the crowd simply starting to cheer the guy so much he still does the same stuff but is a face (as it happens in NXT a lot), so turning in any other way would ruin the guy. As far as cutting the cartwheels, fine, but Sandow almost never sang, he just did it on occasion to piss his opponents off iirc.
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  12. Other than turning him face organically (as Leo C suggests), the only way to turn him face would be to completely rework his gimmick. From what I understand, he's actually a very respectful, friendly guy backstage. Since "reality booking" seems to be a strategy WWE uses at some points now, I figure it would take revealing that side of him in some kind of backstage vignettes, maybe having him defend people.......

    maybe having him defend people who are being bullied by Ryback backstage? He would also have to downplay the "intellectual savior of the unwashed masses" schtick, but it could work.

    God knows we've seen worse/more confusing ways to turn people (see "Stone Cold Steve Austin's 2001 heel turn" for more information).

    As for him cashing in and failing to do so, I actually figured that was the plan, with his "uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion" bit. Why they don't have him cash in, fail to win the title, get injured, and come back as a face is beyond me. Yeah, it's a formula, but it's a formula that works.

  13. Heel title run>
  14. Think it would be interesting to see face Sandow as a smartalecky-troll kind of character, using his intelligence and wit to be entertaining... but that's virtually what face Dolph is doing (or was, back before his character became "the dude who lays in the recovery position during matches and never talks") and we can't have people sharing the same gimmick, can we?

    Him singing would be the best part of the face character though! Who wouldn't cheer great stuff like this?

    If it wasn't for the SD Spoilers I wouldn't have believed this. Too farfetched, too asinine. There's no reason to turn the guy unless what Leo C said happens. But it looks like that's the case, although VKM being so self-conscious of NXT gimmicks ruining his show is pretty silly.
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  15. Having just watched Smackdown and the Sandow-ADR match, he was getting over well with the crowd. They definitely appreciated his work ethic and gave him a lot of props during the action.

    I figure this was a test of how he could work as a face. We'll be seeing face Sandow within the next few months.

  16. Apparently, Vince only cares about this if one of the two is on a DEVELOPMENTAL SHOW THAT THE MAIN AUDIENCE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW EXISTS. I'm sure Sheamus and Cena shared a gimmick for well over a year just now.

    And Sandow working as a face on SD, hm... didn't like it. I hope it was just a test. I mean, his promo was fine, but his heel stuff is a looot better. And he isn't a guy to get over with his ring work.
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  17. Keep the gimmick and have him be the sassy guy that he is, like Ziggler would be if they were doing anything with him. He can still call people "ignoramus" and stuff and occassionally do the whole singing thing, and eventually when Cody goes for the WHC, Damien can pretend to be a good guy but cash in on Cody (or do it earlier vs Cena doing the same thing) and WE'LL SEE CODY VS DAMIEN AT WM 30 ASHDASBDFSAB
  18. Made an impression last night...

    Gutted they went that way with him.

    Also an impression that suggests they are moving slightly away from pg??
  19. I don't necessarily think they'll move away from PG as much as push the boundaries of PG. The PG rating gets them a lot of parents saying, "This must be okay for my kids to watch. I mean, it's PG." If they went TV-14, there are a lot of parents who would take that as a sign they shouldn't allow their kids to watch. It's a money decision.

    What gets missed is that PG doesn't mean "100% kid friendly". There are a lot of shows on television that are TV-PG that push the limits. I can see WWE doing everything it can within those boundaries, but I don't think they'll get away from it.

  20. Oh, that beat down to Cena that happens in every feud ever, even with the PG rating? Yeah, it made me think they're moving away from it too. Definitely.
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