Rumor Plans For Dana Brooke To Become The "Roman Reigns" Of The Divas Division

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Drag, May 30, 2016.

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  1. Sources: Wrestling Observer/Ringside News

    More speculation than anything at this point, but big, if true. Vince is reportedly high on Dana Brooke and there's plans for her to split up and feud with Charlotte sooner rather than later.

    I personally don't mind this but with many looking for the "Top Diva" role to go to Banks or Lynch, I'm interested on people's thoughts on this should it come to fruition.

  2. Well, if Meltzer said it, then it must be true. :otunga:

    Although, taking Dana's looks into account, it wouldn't be hard to believe Vinnie would try and make her the "Roman Reigns" of the women's division someday. Meh.

    Sasha and Becky >>>
  3. That's a bone headed decision, in my opinion. I have no problem with her being a top female star, but she shouldn't be the female star. I think Charlotte or Sasha Banks should be the big stars. Charlotte has the athletic and in-ring abilities and she can draw heat very well. Sasha Banks is highly talented, despite the ungodly amount of botches at WrestleMania, and she is immensely over. Becky Lynch and Bayley can be good candidates, but I like Charlotte and Sasha more.
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  4. In general I dislike the idea of "THE top guy" since that gets stale very quickly. Whilst I like Dana and think she deserves to succeed as much as anyone else, there should be several top women to choose from.
  5. Top guys are needed, though. There can be multiple stars like in the late 90s, but there needs to be a top guy to represent the talent, draw houses and in-general be the spokesperson for the roster. Angle, Taker, Mankind, Austin, Rock and Triple H were all stars that drew really well but Austin was the guy. He was the guy that was the face of the company. He represented WWE's product and was the guy that was banking in big business. If done right, WWE can get someone like that again - but they've seem to have forgotten how to make fans happy.

    I think someone needs to be the poster child and the Womens division hasn't really had one since Trish and Lita left.
  6. muh kawaii waifu Asuka should be in that spot tbh~
  7. Just like he told us Lana was going to be the female face of the company a few months back?
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  8. It's a rumor for a reason. Meltzer has been right and wrong several times. Just due to Brooke being the type Vince tends to get behind I thought it'd be interesting to share
  9. Put in high regard because of Physique... of course...
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  10. Fucking no, ew. I don't see the appeal of Dana Brooke at all. I have yet to see a good match with her involved, Sasha, Asuka, Becky, Charlotte, Bayley are all better than Dana imo. I hope this isn't true but knowing Vince, it is.
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  11. She should be the top star, with a little more work in the ring, she can become the biggest star they've had since Trish Stratus.. Dana will likely be the one to take the Woman's Title from Charlotte, as she should.. They're already building the story for that angle.
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  12. Um, yeah that was sort of my point. You don't need to get defensive as I was not criticizing you, I was making a comment that indicated that regardless of what is said, it doesn't always come to pass. I never said it wasn't interesting or that there was anything wrong with you sharing it.
  13. I know man, I wasn't being defensive. I was saying that yes, he is right and wrong and sometimes these things just end up being nothing but speculation or are in plans but don't happen. Ordinarily I'd give stuff like these a miss but this is somewhat believable given Vince's preference for bodybuilders and blondes in the past.
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  14. Oh sorry then, sometimes it is hard to tell online
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  15. Nah, I get ya man. Particularly where Wrestling fans are concerned.
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  16. *googles Dana Brooke*

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  17. So...been a while since anyone posted here...but I thought it was better than starting
    a new thread altogether.

    Now...I just want to state that I like every woman on the WWE roster. Everyone has
    a place and a role to play...but I find something troubling about Dana Brooke.

    Now...I have to state I love the way Dana looks...her hair, her outfits, her muscle
    definition, her it...Yummy Yum Yum.


    But...The days of Sable and Stacy Keibler are long behind us...and the women
    in the WWE need to be-able to actually wrestle.

    Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley...these women are wrestlers first
    and foremost...that's what makes them so amazing. Not only are they beautiful...
    but they are great wrestlers and performers.

    The problem with Dana Brooke is she seems to be getting worse with time...
    not better.

    Now I understand that she may have been elevated to the main roster
    too soon...and I also understand that the injury Emma suffered forced
    WWE to change their original plans and pair her up with Charlotte...but...
    I went back and watched a couple of Dana's matches (vs. Asuka and vs. Paige)
    and while not setting the world on fire...she seemed pretty decent.

    But when comparing those matches to her wrestling now...its actually
    shocking how little she has improved...and possibly regressed in her
    in-ring skills.

    Now like I said...I like Dana...I love her look and she plays the bitch role
    well...but...I think she may need some more time to develop her actual
    wrestling abilities.

    Of course in saying that...she could no doubt kick my ass in a second...
    And I'd love it.
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  18. dude why
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  19. This should probably stay as a rumour.

    I don't see her as a main player in the women's division. In comparison to women like Charlotte, Sasha and Bayley she just doesn't have the in ring ability.
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