News Plans for Orton v Bryan feud

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    - Another match scheduled for Hell In a Cell is Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton. As of this week, the Bryan vs. Orton feud was scheduled to run through Night of Champions, Battleground and Hell In a Cell.
    No word yet if they plan on putting the WWE Title back on Bryan at one of these pay-per-views but word from this week’s TV tapings is that Orton is heavily written into the WWE Title picture until January at least.

    I think this means Orton will be getting a lot of dirty PPV wins (with Shield interference etc) to keep it fresh.
  2. Im already gettin bored of *Powerbomb by The Shield* followed by a RKO.

    Cant wait for Show, Ziggler and Miz to start doing something fresh.

    Just my opinion
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  3. Just gotta agree. It's boring when all the time is the same old shit. I'm not impressed tbh because that's #WWELogic. "Do fans want something new?" "Did you even have to ask that? Of course they don't. They enjoy the current product, why changing it a bit?"
  4. I meant, I love all this corporation angle, but they should start developing the storyline. Instead of Powerbombs and RKOs let Bryan get some momentum, Vince should develop his role. I know is too soon, but I cant imagine myself watching The Shield vs (Show, Ziggler or whoever) and Bryan getting RKOed at the end of the show.
  5. I like it too, but it's boring to watch the exact same thing a lot of times and that's what WWE may do with this. The storyline may be "I'm a bad man and I'll beat you because of that"
  6. You are seriously expecting the whole story line to unfold in the first few weeks when they're going to be feuding for the championship for a few months? Talk about it being repetitive. It will slowly evolve, you can't just have random guys interfering, but you have to build the tension for it to work effectively.

    On SmackDown, you would've noticed that they're building guys like The Big Show to a breaking point where they won't be able to control it any longer. So, it only plays into the storyline and gives the superstars a reason to help Daniel Bryan other than just, "Oh look a good guy getting beat down, let's help."

    Yes, there's a good guy that's getting beat down in front of them by their old rivals, so they want to help out, but getting bullied by Triple H is just pushing them even more to do so. It gives everyone else a storyline, makes them slowly involved in the storyline and builds anticipation.
  7. With the HIAC PPV coming up soon, you could have easily figured that Bryan/Orton would end up in the cell, especially since plans for Punk/Brock ending their feud in the cell have been aborted for the moment. The cell is the perfect setting for long standing feuds to reach their climax and Bryan/Orton obviously isn't gonna be a one PPV match feud. Plus, it will be awesome to see Bryan in a cell match.

    I'm thinking that they probably hotshot the WWE Title onto Bryan once during this feud and then have him drop it back to Orton the next month to keep the rivalry feeling fresh instead of just having Orton cheat to retain three times in a row. I'm just wondering whether it'll be Night Of Champions or Battlegrounds where he wins the title back at. I don't see Bryan recapturing the gold right back in their first match, but if he wins at BG and then loses it at HIAC, that would guarantee him a rematch, which doesn't add up if the feud is to end in the cell. Maybe HHH can change the rules and cancel Bryan's right to a rematch in that case.
  8. I actually think bryan wins by dq, setting up for the hiac match which he wins.
  9. I actually wouldn't mind seeing a couple of Bryan vs Orton matches, unless they keep coming up with the same stuff every time >.>
  10. Well, kinda expected that to happen (waaay to many PPVs this time of the year), so no surprise there really. But it's been two weeks and people are already tired?