plans for punk and heat on bourne

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  1. WWE is building to CM Punk hitting John Laurinaitis, and talking that it will be similar to how big it was when Steve Austin finally hit Vince McMahon with the Stunner during the Attitude era.

    - There is heat on Evan Bourne after Triple H confronted him a few weeks ago, blaming him for the story getting out about R-Truth’s suspension being for fake marijuana or spice, as well as how they were smoking it together.

    It’s said that Triple H is not a fan of Bourne but Stephanie McMahon thinks he brings something unique to the table. Even with Stephanie’s support, there is whispers within WWE that Bourne is about to be the next Paul London – a guy with talent who is going to be broken mentally by the system.

    There is also heat on Bourne because of the idea that you are not supposed to publicly show frustration with company and some feel that he has done that through Twitter at times.

    The punk thing will be interesting to see can't wait for a gts on johnny ace also it sucks for bourne hopefully he goes to tna if they let him go and they put him in the x division he could have great matches there.
  2. It will never be as big as Austin and McMahon but there is definitely potential with this story-line to be big nonetheless. For weeks now you can see Punk getting more angry with John, but they shouldn't let Punk hit him yet. Keep it growing, have Punk nearly snap but John threatens to have him arrested if he lays any contact on him. This is why Punk needs an impact move, him randomly GTS'ing John will look weird. It's not a move I generally believe is hard to get out of lol, getting stunned took like 2 seconds so it was believable.

    As for Bourne, I agree partly with HHH. He did snitch on R-Truth and got a lot of hate from the IWC because of that, but I still want him around he's a great wrestler, one of the best sellers and could really help the tag-team division.
  3. The roundhouse kick as an impact move.
  4. It is, but it's not a finisher. People kick out of it every single match, meaning it's a signature. Like HHH has his spinebuster and Orton who pulls there body onto his back (don't know the name of the move).
  5. Its too late to introduce a new finisher to punks arsenal imo plus I think it would be better for him to soak up the anticipation of the gts rather then just hit ace. Kinda like when orton punted Vince the build was important more so then the actual move hence why he didn't snap with an rko on him.
  6. RE: plans for punk and heat on bourne

    True. It's something they should have given Punk anyway, but you're right it is too late now. I hope this report is true, because it could sort of revive the conspiracy story-line. I'd introduce Vince again to this story-line way in the future perhaps. He just takes anyone out who pisses him off, IE Stone Cold.

    Can't wait though, Punk definitely is the guy who can pull off a Stone Cold similarity story-line.
  7. Probably right to be honest, fair point. Punk should milk the GTS, like Cena does with the AA. Look at the camera, do it, stare for a little bit and just walk off not milking any applause.