Plans For Randy Orton

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. LMFAO.

    Orton vs Rollins has a lot of potential as a feud (not to mention Seth being the one who put Orton out in the first place), yet they're going with Kane instead? Hopefully this is just a way to sidetrack Orton from getting revenge on Seth right away so that Orton/Rollins can be saved for Wrestlemania.
  2. I don't think they care, or have a spot for Randy anymore. As cruel as that sounds we all know Orton sucks as a face.
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  3. Eh, I feel just the opposite. His Viper character, at least nowadays, is much better suited as a fan favorite than as a heel. He consistently got one of the biggest reactions on the show from 2010-2013, whereas apart from his interactions with Daniel Bryan, he got virtually no heat from the audience at all when he was part of The Authority.
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  4. The plan is to have Orton/Kane feud for house shows, Orton is actually rumored to appear during Rollins/Cena match and have/continue a feud with Rollins afterwards.
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  5. I they do book Orton, hot after his face turn, against Kane, lol
  6. Nah, they'll book Orton/Kane for house shows only... And Orton/Rollins feud is gonna be on TV, at least that's what dirt sheets have been saying.

    I mean, Orton's natural booking would be against Rollins... But wait, Ziggler's natural booking after SS and heading into TLC should've been Rollins... Aww shit.
  7. lol WWE
    lol Randy Orton
    lol Kane in 2015

    lol lol lol

    literally nobody wants to see this.

    "We're very in touch with what our audience wants"- Vince McMahon on SCSA podcast

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  8. It'd be dumb to book Kane/Orton feud for TV, yes.

    But the plan is to book that Kane/Orton feud for house shows only... While the main TV feud would be Orton/Rollins.

    Not defending the 'E or anything.
  9. Well then damn you @Lockard23 - no one cares about house show plans! :troll:
  10. Don't blame the guy, really. It's not his fault, the last dirt sheet I've read was about the thing I wrote in my previous post. I hope the 'E doesn't change plans regarding Orton/Rollins feud. It should be a good one.
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  11. What dirt sheet was it exactly that said they would only be feuding at house shows? Not that I would be particularly disappointed in that or anything, but I tend to go by Meltzer for news and no one else.
  12. Didn't they have a feud few years ago, including WM and ER matches? Because those were solid, but still, this is lelworthy.
  13. Sidetracking feuds with Rollins?
    How many Rolliins feuds have been sidetracked?

    Ziggler, Orton and Ambrose all deserve PPV matches with Rollins. I get the Ambrose rationale, but the other sh*t is typical WWE clutter.
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  14. also with Roman coming back there is Another feud with Rolliins :rollins:
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  15. You mean something like this? :heenan:
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