Plans for Rhodes

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. You can dry your tears Rhod
  2. uh duh, lol. They didn't hit the wedding point home enough on commentary did they?
  3. Thank god, They wouldn't let Rhodes go, I see a push in his future. Rhodes is a really good talent and has paid his dues and had a great I-C Title run. If they give him a push now he is only 28 so he could have a good few years in the Main Event scene.
  4. Why am I the only one who dislikes Rhodes?
  5. I hope he comes back refreshed and in a big way as time is marching on for Cody. Hopefully he comes back with a huge persona as thats where he lacks for me he is a bit bland.
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  6. Should have invited HHH to his wedding :pity2:
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  7. Rhodes was made tonight, amazing how getting fired can get you so much sympathy. He was over with the crowd and even got them to turn on Orton, the angle was really well done, and his mic work/character that has been really lacking since his face turn finally came out again when he left. He'll come back in a big way.

  8. Hopefully they choose the right city to return him in. A monster pop in one city can go a long way with getting you over with other crowds.
  9. Fuck this sucks. I mean, I thought it had nothing to do with the wedding. Look at Kidd and Nattie. The girl was working one week later. But yeah, hopefully, he will end the feud with Sandow and will join the revolution. Show (Meh), Ziggler and Rhodes. I came.

  10. I don't dislike him, I just think I won't notice him gone.
  11. Shield's gonna triple powerbomb him before he says, "I do."
  12. They made that pretty clear indeed. Suppose he'll return beating someone up from the crowd
  13. I think he'll just be some time off. That's it. As the report said, he's going to marry Ms Reed and Vince may bring him back because it's what's best for business.
  14. Isn't that her twitter avatar?
  15. Anyone else thinking he's gonna cost Orton the WWE Title? I mean with HHH making sure whoever interferes on the roster is fired and with Rhodes "Unemployed" Won't that set up the scene?

  16. :youdontsay:

  17. I'm sorry, but this line really threw me for a loop.

    Cody's 28 years old.
    Daniel Bryan is 32. CM Punk is 34. Damien Sandow is 31. Dolph Ziggler is 33. Ryback is 31. Randy Orton is 33.
    Age is not an issue for Cody. He's got plenty of time, barring serious injury, to perform at a high level in the WWE.
    To put it in American sports terms, WWE performers are more like NFL quarterbacks (who usually perform better in their 30's, after gaining some experience) than NFL running backs (who typically have shorter careers because of the physical punishment they regularly take, so a running back has to make an impact while in their 20's, since many don't make it into their 30's while still active in the NFL).

    As to the OP, was there actually a concern that Cody Rhodes was really fired by WWE? Did any (reasonable) person really think his pro wrestling career was over when he got "fired" by HHH on last Monday's Raw? Personally, I'm glad to hear there are plans to push him on his return, but this didn't exactly come as a shock to me. With the fan support he's consistently gotten recently, not to mention the crowd reaction to his match and the aftermath, WWE would be stupid to not push him when he gets back from his honeymoon (he may need a week or two after his honeymoon's over, by the way....let him get his energy back and all). I just hope Cody's got the stuff to grab hold of this opportunity with both hands and ride it for all it's worth. This could very well be his ticket to the main event.

  18. I know it sound stupid but, could Rhodes return as heel?

  19. Could he? Sure. Will he? No.

    It wouldn't be good for business. The fans are going to be solid behind him on his return and they'd be foolish not to use that.

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