Plans For Summer?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Have any plans for Summer this year?

    I essentially just want to make sure I do more this Summer. The past 2 Summers I didn't do much of anything.
    I don't have anything in stone of what I want to do or where I want to go, I just want to get out of the house more. I will probably be spending more time by my moms since she has a big pool. My husband and I are going to be looking at houses late Summer to move in the Fall. I actually do have some what of a goal... To make more money writing. We can use the extra cash, just a matter of figuring out what to write about/who to write for, blah blah.. lol So basically my summer will consist of making money, spending more time outside & having fun.
  2. working two jobs
  3. Have as much fun as possible. We don't get much good weather here, but so far, every single hot day I've been out doing something in it. It was my new years revolution this year. IF we get a decent summer - which I very much doubt - I'll be on the beach most of the time. Luckily, Cornwall has hundreds of beaches.

  4. Your new year's what? lol

    is that a thing in Europe, new year's revolutions?
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  5. Beach, tan, nap!
  6. Probably just whacking off with my babe Crayo.
  7. Working is the only acceptable answer unless you're in college or pre-18
  8. Phone put revolution instead of resolution.
  9. I'm 26 but I'll spend my free time in the beach (if the day is good). Also I have one free month, don't know about you...
  10. I work during the day mostly everyday (sides sundays) and don't take a month off.
  11. I take it to enjoy the summer. I work from 12am to 7pm. Most of the time I'm at work and posting LOL. I'm not really busy, I only have to listen other people
  12. That's cool, just saying most people that are older should be working the entire summer. Bills and shit :dawg:
  13. Why? I mean, yeah, we have bills and more shit to take care about but we also can save something and spend a month off or two weeks off
  14. That's cool I guess.
  15. Why is it? Unless you are struggling furiously with bills, there is no set answer. Live life and have fun; stuck in an office during a hot summer certainly is not fun.
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  16. Jack shit. Fuck summer.

    The heat is unbearable.
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  17. Play football 24/7 with the lads
  18. I hear you Danny. Most of these younglings don't have mortgages and kids to worry about. They'll change their tune at some point.
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    Unless you're a professional athlete work is never that "fun." You will reach an age and realize that you will have to work your summer away like the rest of us.

    EDIT: Even professional atheletes work their summer away, that's what people do. Whether it be in the office, on the field, etc etc. It doesn't matter. Sure, do something fun but 95% of your summer should be working and earning money for yourself and your family.

    Slave to society, only 40 more years to go Senhor Perfect
  20. Ugh, when you put it like that it makes me want to cry :upset:
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