Survivor Series Plans for Survivor Series

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Oct 29, 2013.

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  2. Glad The Wyatt Family is actually going to get a solid storyline. As for Show,hate that he's going to be the complete focus in the Authority storyline now.
  3. Show has been the main focus in the authority storyline all along unfortunately. Bryan has been the secondary character.
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  4. THIS IS A BURY FOR BRYAN IS HE NOT GETTING HIS WWE TITLE RUN LIKE HE DEAVRE! And If Bryan lose here it make is worry wwe fuck up again!
  5. Really interested in that 4 on 4 match. Big Show can get his shot now, but if Punk and Bryan don't get more shots at the title it'll be pretty depressing.
  6. LAME

    So I wonder which side Kane will be on? Wyatts or Bryan/Punk?
  7. Fuck Borton keeping the title.
  8. So Miz and Kingston to join Bryan and Punk they need top players, not midcarders lol.
  9. Internet wrestling pundits like whomever wrote that PWMania "article", love to throw around the word "BURIAL" very casually with no understanding of what it means.
  10. I think this would be good if it was jus The Wyatt Family vs Punk, Bryan and The Miz or Kane, and for the WWE championship I`d like to see Orton vs the Big Show
  11. So, I guess Kane WILL end up siding with the Wyatt Family after all... just not as a permanent member of the family.

    How badass would it be if after Punk and Bryan found a third partner (probably Miz, unfortunately), they said the fourth and final member of their team is just the kind of person they need on their side when going up against a group of people as sick and twisted as Kane and the Wyatt Family, and then the lights went out and it turned out to be the Undertaker? Undertaker against Kane AND the Wyatts would be awesome. Plus, Taker has said he wants to perform at Survivor Series one last time before he retires (since it was there that he made his debut in 1990) and working in a tag team elimination match would go easier on his body since he could spend much of the match standing on the apron waiting for the tag.
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  12. It says it wasn't a burial which shows a perfect understanding of the term.

    Patience homeboy. They're playing it calm with this. They want you to be desperate to get the title.
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