Plans for the next 2 RAWs

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  2. After reading this I'm more excited watching RAW this week. Hopefully it'll be a few good episodes making up for the holiday period.
  3. Pumped for RAW now.
  4. Aren't we always. I don't want to hype myself up again because I think I'll be sadly disappointed like I was for Raw's 1000th episode. The most memorable thing to come out of that was Punk clotheslining The Rock to turn heel, and even that's gone pretty sour now.
  5. Pumped for Raw as well, since I think I'll be able to watch it live and discuss. Nice to know all the big stars will be out there. Curious to see which stars will be on the 20th Anniversary (Backlund I hope :yay:).
  6. I'll watch just for Rock and DZ
  7. I wonder what we " will be talking about" after RAW, I hope not how much awful booking they have . lol
  8. Perhaps a Vickie Guerrero wardrobe malfunction :ksi:
  9. LOL AT this point I won't be surprised by anything they do.
  10. Their word means nothing to me. But I'm gonna download it bcuz of The Rock, though.
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    Save yourself the trouble, just daily motion his segments. It's not even going to be worth downloading.
  12. We'll see. since it's RTWM I imagine that these two RAW's are where we pick up the pace and things are good for a while.
  13. The Undertaker may return soon though, so it's got to be more than just The Rock.
  14. im marking more for UT return´s tahn the rock´s
  15. WWE’s Plans For January 7th & 14th RAWs, Vince’s Mindset

    [size=x-large]WWE is looking to kick of 2013 with a bang. With RAW’s struggling ratings sinking even lower for the final two taped “holiday” shows of 2012, next Monday’s live show represents a fresh start for the company’s flagship show and steps are being taken to jumpstart the new year.

    Next Monday’s RAW will be up against stiff competition with the college football BCS Championship game, so WWE is bringing in The Rock for a special appearance and will feature WWE Champion CM Punk defending against Ryback in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match. According to sources in WWE, there are big plans for Monday’s RAW that will have everybody buzzing by the time 11:15pm (ET) rolls around.

    The following week (1/14) is the 20th Anniversary of WWE RAW – and there will be appearances from various WWE legends to add some star power to the historic night. With the show taking place from Houston, Texas – it’s possible we’ll see appearances from local legends The Undertaker, Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. It’s also rumored that WWE will announce the first inductee into the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2013 that night.

    Big picture, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is gearing up for WrestleMania season and won’t be wasting any time shaking things up. There are reportedly plans for every RAW this month to be “stacked.”

    "And thus we wait to see If our wish will come true?" I am hoping! :pipebomb:[/size]​
  16. WWE’s Plans For January 7th & 14th RAWs, Vince’s Mindset

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  17. Wonder what they could do with RAW to make us all talk?
  18. Cancel it? It would be out of the blue.
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    Have CM Punk speak his mind again?
  20. Not sure if serious or joke, but it would be awesome if he was let loose on Rock.
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