Summerslam Plans for The Shield at Summerslam

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  1. So recycled. So without direction. WWE are truly fucking up one of the best things in years. That's of course they aren't teasing the split angle. I guess the split angle can work against any opponents, but I'd be surprised at them splitting them up now tbh.
  2. Would have liked the old school stable battles that could've happend with Shield vs The Wyatts.
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  3. If the main angles the Shield will work are these rivalries, then yeah, winning those belts really dragged them down. But let's see what they'll actually do.
  4. Watch out for the Wyatts interfering in their match.
  5. They could do a heel team vs. heel team feud with the Shield and Cesaro/Swagger. It would need some reason for a match, though.
  6. They could do a heel team vs. heel team feud with the Shield and Cesaro/Swagger. It would need some reason for a match, though.
  7. It's sad, really. There's just no way they could keep their momentum. Bryan appears to be the priority right now, with the Ziggler, Punk, Henry, Wyatt pushes right behind (and understandably so), they've gotta keep Cena looking strong and get sexually aroused watching Sheamus win so those pushes are continuing (to an extent)... The Shield just seem lost in the shuffle right now.

    Crayo, your boy Ambrose is far from a lost cause. Just for fun, lets say Dean doesn't win MITB and Ziggler wins the belt. After Ziggler hopefully kicks Del Rio the out of the WHC scene (long overdue) who's more primed to be his opponent than Ambrose? Other than Henry I can't think of a better option... then again it's WWE and that hardly means anything especially since that title seems to attract idiots like flies to a week-old taco.

    Oh, right, Reigns and Rollins. Hope the Briscoes or American Wolves can get rushed to the main roster since there's no face team for them to feud with, otherwise just have them turn on Ambrose so they can feud with the Wyatts... wait, won't Rey will be healthy by then? They can feud with him and Cara... oh who cares. This tag division sucks.
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  8. Now would have been a perfect time for that there brand split. Instead of getting lost in the shuffle they could have just been moved to another show and been focused on there. Allowing for Cena tomfoolery, Bryan kicking everyone above him on the ladder down a notch and the Wyatts.
  9. I don't have an issue with the match here. Randy Orton and Sheamus are at least high profile opponents and Swagger and Caesro are a newly formed duo who are being highlighted as two of the people after the WHC briefcase, so it's a good match that gives them all screen time at Summerslam. I get that winning the titles might have dragged The Shield down a bit but it also gave their group's existence more longevity, which I like because I want them to stick around a little longer before doing the angle before they finally break apart. They'd have broken up already or just become too stretched out by now if they had just stuck to being an unbeatable trio of rebellious newcomers. Who knows, maybe WWE really does have plans of doing The Shield/Wyatt Family in the future.
  10. I've got to agree with Danielson. The Wyatts vs The Shield would be a great match. A six-man tag team match where all the titles (tag team titles and US title) are on the line.
  11. wake me up when deez dudes break up. We all should have seen it coming once they got hit with the mid card belt curse. WWE always forgets to include their mid card champs in feuds.
  12. Maybe they'll keep the Shield around until they're broken up at Survivor Series. Same event they debuted in, would be a nice touch.
  13. Yeah these mid card belts have been cancer. Not sure what they could have done anyway without them without being main eventers.
  14. Its what happens when you're given too much at once, you sink down and lose momentum.

    They're overexposed. In their short run in the 'E they've beaten the likes of 'Taker, Kane, Dbry, Sheamus, Orton, Big Show, Ryback, Christian, Jericho and Cena. They barely have any fresh feuds and they haven't been on the roster a year yet.

    They've had their massive push, they're established and over, now let them be in the mid card to further establish their characters and rise to the top. And they will rise to the top, they just need to be given time.

  15. I don't think they forget, they just have no idea what to do of them because the mid card is so thin. That's why I think the should stay in their for the time being to give the titles some more exposure and a decent feud or two.

  16. Only thing that comes to mind for me is to push them more slowly to the top. Once they got the rocket ship push to the main event I think the result was inevitably going to be what has happened. As fun as it was seeing them dominate for that stretch of a few months, it was probably more of a detriment than anything, at least to the trio as a group.
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