WrestleMania Plans For The Shield Six-Man

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. The original plan for the big six-man match was for Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show to defeat Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose but those plans have reportedly changed.


  2. Nice detailed report there. I don't see the logic in Avengers winning at all unless Shield are splitting soon. Orton has been in midcard mediocrity for the full year, Sheamus still has like no momentum and has failed in this face turn imo, and Big Show just keeps swapping between face and heel and still nobody cares at all.
  3. I sure hope I win this prediction thing. :downer:
  4. Please change it wtf the avengers winning :ohgod:
  5. I like it, The Shield are winning, I'm happy, at least a match will be acceptable
  6. Figured already that The Shield would win the moment Big Show replaced Ryback.
  7. But I hope Orton and them win though
  8. Is it just me who sees Big Show turning heel here? A Orton heel turn seems WAY too complex for #wwelogic
  9. May aswell go the full hog and make it the reverse aces and 8s instead of a shit team gaining a dope leader you get a dope team being lumbered with a broken down giant.
  10. Big Show is still sort of a tweener here, he hasn't really made the full fledged face turn in my opinion, so I wouldn't call it 'turning heel' per se. Since he's only teaming with Orton and Sheamus to give them a partner so that Ryback can go destroy Henry, I could see him just going back to being a regular heel after it's over. I really don't care. I wish he would just retire at this point.

    To be fair, as much as people want to see Orton go heel, why would he in this situation?
  11. Nah, not that, more just Big Show stays heel but doesn't align himself with the Shield... Like he's doesn't like the Shield's way of doing things, but hates Sheamus and Orton more...

    Crap, I've fantasy booked myself in a corner here. HELP. We can't have tweeners in WWE. But if Show turns heel Shield can't just forget about Big Show and go on their merry way, can they? They'd have to deal with them, which would end up with one of them turning face (#wwelogic)...

    Dammit. Why couldn't this be TNA or some other company that makes sense...

    Either way, please don't align Orton with the Shield. Ask Rhodes and Dibiase how well that will work for Ambrose and Rollins.
  12. I see Orton heel turn with this match, seriously!
  13. Well, I'm pretty sure Shield is winning, so yeah that sounds good.
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