Plans For WrestleMania 31 and 32, Lots Of “Yes!” Chants At New Orleans Airport

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  1. The current plan is for the WrestleMania 31 commercial to air this Sunday, and the announcement regarding the WrestleMania show in 2016 is expected to be made in the fall.

    According to multiple reports, there are a lot of people arriving in the New Orleans airport that are doing the “Yes!” chant. Apparently people from all over the world who are flying into New Orleans are getting off the airplane and immediately breaking out into “Yes!” chants throughout the airport.

  2. I'm ashamed to call myself a "wrestling fan"

    fucking pathetic marks.
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  3. I'm guessing you're not going to watch WM then? Don't want to fall into a coma because your hate becomes too much.
  4. I'm supposed to skip out on an event just because I find one competitor to be a douchey little annoyance? Nah.
  5. lololololololololol sooo many useless "Yes!" chants :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Fair enough, but I'm guessing the last hour will be all about him :yes:
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  7. Yea, gonna suck hard. Oh well, fuck it.
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  8. this is what makes you ashamed and not Hornswoggle?
  9. midgets have their plac in wrestling
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    technically this is one MINI, one that has been pushed over 70 percent of the roster(and people complain about CM or Bryan doing that because they're small) has gotten more transparent protection than HHH and Nash combined and has helped turn WWE almost literally into a circus
  11. He rarely has a bad match lol.
  12. In your opinion. I will enjoy the HHH match/beating until DB goats up and knees him in the face, but no chance in hell I am going to enjoy Boreton Snoretista and Dick Butt going at it for god knows how long, 30+ for sure.
  13. Would H make it any better though? I can't say he's a better wrestler in all honesty.
  14. I've said all along this triple threat is retarded. It should have been Boreton/Boretista as the lamb being led to the slaughter at the hands of the crowd and DB/HHH to close the show.

    but to answer your question, yes, obviously I would enjoy watching someone I enjoy in HHH instead of someone I am sick of seeing in DB.
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  15. Despite being a Bryan fan I want HHH to win.
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