Summerslam Plans for Ziggler at Summerslam

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jul 11, 2013.

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  2. Big E Langston is gonna screw Dolph over at Money In The Bank. That's the only way this would work to that potential in my opinion. I would actually enjoy this match.

    It also looks like they are moving forward with Ryback vs. Mark Henry vs. John Cena if this happens. Mark Henry should win the WWE Title so it makes more sense for that one :emoji_wink:
  3. It seems like they want the split to come to a head at Summerslam. This could really solidify Ziggler as a face from now until Summerslam.
  4. Would've been better if they had managed to get this into MITB somehow, leaving Del Rio/Ziggler for Summerslam, although that might have required Big E screwing over Dolph at Payback and we wouldn't have got that epic double turn. As long as Ziggler beats him then goes on to win the WHC at Night of Champions (would have been cool if they had the blowoff at HIAC, but oh well).
  5. You really want ANOTHER month of ADR feuding with Dolph?
  6. I want to see Ziggler winning the WHC, so yeah.
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    Source please.
  8. He's facing ADR this PPV, he can win it there?
  9. where is your source.
  11. it wasnt on the main page, so i have to assume you're too lazy/special to be able to link directly? You know, quoting your source?
  12. Doesnt even mention big e.
  13. You can blow off the rematch on TV. Faster ADR gets out of the title picture the better.

    Anyway, Ziggler vs Langston... ehhhhhhh. Assuming Ratings is jobbing to Cena it could be better to throw him in there... but this match will happen just to complete the AJ Lee breakup, won't it?

  14. That would seem like a smart plan although I would much rather of Ziggler going for Del Rio for the WHC, since chances are he'll lose at MITB
  15. If this is true, then Ziggler will lose to Del Rio. Maybe after his lost, AJ and Dolph's relationship is over
  16. Well, they'd probably do it sooner or later then, suppose they'll solidify Ziggler as a face with this.
  17. Can't complain about this, it doesn't make much sense to go over him cleanly after losing to him multiple just because he's turned face. He needs a run up and some serious momentum in his corner. I think that the seeds were planted for this on Monday when Dolph and AJ talked about becoming the WWE's power couple. Ziggler loses to Del Rio without interference and AJ orders Big E to attack him after the match ending the relationship and then starting a feud which can be used as a platform for Ziggler in the future.
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