Plans in WWE that almost happened

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  1. I love reading about stuff like this and there are probably bunch of plans that I don't know about that you guys probably do. I love to see how WWE could have been so different...
    • Batista was actually supposed to beat Taker's streak but had backstage heat. = That fucking sucks for Batista.
    • Christian vs. Jeff Hardy = Christian was supposed to be Jeff's attacker in all of that shit with the pyro and the house burning, would have preferred that though. I remember it was supposed to be Edge & Christian vs. The Hardyz at Wrestlemania 25 but they had Matt be the attacker instead.
    • Umm.... I think Jericho was supposed to face Hogan or Austin at Wrestlemania 25 but instead he faced Snuka, Piper, and Steamboat. :emoji_cry:

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  2. Muhammad Hassan was supposed to beat Undertaker at GAB and then go on to beat Batista for the WHC at Summerslam 2005.
  3. I just read that Vince planned to be the father of Stephanie's child (Obviously, Kayfabe) but Steph turned it down and he then offered Shane to be the father and she turned that down also. Good job, Steph.
  4. It'd be too awkward even if it was acting.
  5. Imagine Triple H & Stephanie sitting there while Vince is like "My baby inside you" Triple H could pull off the greatest reaction face of all time.
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  6. -Jericho was never supposed to face Hogan at Wrestlemania 25. They tried to get Hogan/Austin going one last time but Austin refused again since he was dead set on never wrestling Hogan by that point. They wanted Hogan to put over Cena too, but Hogan's doctors screwed up his back surgery and made it impossible for him to compete by the time Mania rolled around (at least according to Hogan... take it with a grain of salt.) Speaking of WM25, Cena and Batista were supposed to have their big rematch from the previous year's Summerslam here, but Batista was too hurt to compete.

    -Eddie Guerrero/Shawn Michaels were supposed to have an inter-promotional match at Wrestlemania 22 (which would have been their first ever encounter) but Eddie's passing rendered this impossible, of course. At the same event, Bret Hart was originally planned to fight McMahon but he backed out of it for some reason. Undertaker and Kurt Angle were supposed to battle for the WHC there as well, but Vince split them apart and booked them in different matches instead since he wanted the Streak and the World Heavyweight Championship to act as two separate draws for the event. (Obviously, he changed his mind on that for the next two Wrestlemanias since Taker fought for the WHC at both events, but then he had Donald Trump and Floyd Mayweather to draw big for those events too, unlike WM22, which had no big celebrity to bring in extra buys.) They tried getting Austin/Hogan going here too, but Austin refused.

    -Stephanie was supposed to have her very own "Kiss My Ass" club back around 2002-2003 when she was Smackdown GM but she backed out of it.

    -Austin was supposed to remain a heel and world champion after the Alliance invasion storyline came to an end at Survivor Series 2001 and keep the title until he dropped it to HHH at Wrestlemania X-8 and then turned back babyface afterwards. Austin wanted to turn back face immediately though, and so plans shifted to him against Chris Benoit at WM X-8 instead, but Benoit still wasn't cleared to compete and so Austin was stuck with Scott Hall instead.

    -Goldberg/Rock was originally booked for Wrestlemania X-9 instead of Backlash the next month, but Goldberg didn't in time for that to happen. At the same event, Austin would have wrestled Triple H for the WHC (there were a couple of seeds planted for this match, actually.)

    -The long-term idea for Wrestlemania 21 (for about a year) was Cena defeating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship and Randy Orton defeating Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. They always had Cena and Orton pinned down as their next two breakout stars and WM21 was supposed to the big breakout moment for both of them. But Lesnar walked out after WMXX and JBL took his place instead. And Orton? Well, they rushed his babyface turn and him being booted from Evolution WAY too early, and on top of that, the fans just didn't care for a babyface Orton (although the mishandling of his storyline probably played a hand in that.) And then the fans started to organically get behind Batista as the man they wanted to see dethrone HHH instead, and so Batista got Orton's spot at Mania instead.

    Plenty of others I can think of, but I don't want to ramble for too long in one post (wait, too late for that.)
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  7. Mabel almost becoming WWF champion.
  8. Stephanie nearly had her own kiss my ass club? I wanna be in it!
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  9. If Stephanie had her own KMAC, I would shit bricks.
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  10. Owen Hart was planned to have ¨The Game¨ gimmick, but when he died they gave it to Triple H.

    Katie Lea and Paul Burchill were supposed to have an incest angle on Raw.
  11. Was that Jeff Hardy pyro accident really a work? Thought it was legit and then they used it to create the angle with Matt.
  12. Not so much a plan as something that was rumored to happen.

    Before Cena's rapper gimmick took off rumor was that his head was very close to the chopping block, aka being fired. Imagine that.
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  13. Kelly Kelly/Kharma feud. There was a reason why Kharma was stalking Kelly Kelly at ringside all the time and thats cos they were gonna feud shame Kharma got pregnant and had to leave and then never came back cos she lost the baby
  14. Thank god Karma didn't need to carry KK
  15. - The Undertaker suggested that Orton would be the one to break the streak at WM 21 but Orton had rejected the Idea out of respect for 'Taker.

    - John Cena wanted Edge to win in their 2006 TLC Match at Unforgiven, to Give Cena a Break and to allow him to turn heel on Smackdown. This did not happen as Cena became a big star for the WWE, which led to the plan being canned and Cena defeating Edge. Cena didn't look happy and didn't celebrate his win.
  16. Cena is a beast. That is my favourite feud of the RA era.
  17. I'm might actually start crying right now...
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  18. Yeah... in what world is being forced to kiss Stephanie McMahon's ass a form of punishment?
  19. totally a work.
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