Plates for Cena on the belt

Discussion in 'RAW' started by MarkyMark, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. So what do you guys think? Rock had the bull. What will be on the plates on the side of the belt tomorrow for Cena?

    My guesses....

    A dumb hand
    A fat kid in a Cena shirt
    A C with a slash through it
    A saluting hand
    A picture of Rock and Cena hugging
    Cena's shit eating grin of a smile

    Give your predictions...
  2. A troll face
  3. The heel of his shoe.
  4. Hossla, Loyalities and Restecp
  5. You can't see me probably.
  6. Spinning side plates ofc
  7. That hand gesture he does

  8. isn't this a spoiler for other people
  9. A picture of me sleeping in my chair while Cena is cutting a promo on Raw
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  10. ''A C with a slash through it'' this seems likely.
  11. Yeah, because no one expected Cena to win. :haha:
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  12. The stupid OK hand gesture.......or his fruity pebbles box
  13. I would assume the hand gesture. Either way I'm not looking forward to it lol.
  14. [​IMG],default,pd.html?dwvar_07153_color=White&start=1&cgid=superstar-current-johncena

  15. It will for sure spin^
  16. looks so childish
  17. Cena could mess up a wet dream
  18. That's pretty bad, but doesn't surprise me.
  19. I'd laugh my ass off if both side plates spin
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