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  1. Could anyone find me an anwer key for the pre-tests for Algebra 2 semester B?

    The website is

    I swear I don't know how to do anything Algebra 2 related :/
  2. Post some questions here.
  3. I can't copy and paste :/

    Unit 1 - Rational Expressions, Factoring, Equations, Inequalities

    Unit 2 - Conic Sections, Functions, and Special Topics

    Unit 3 - Special Functions, Complex Numbers, and Sequences and Series

    End of Semester Test - Algebra 2B

    Those are the unit names though.
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  5. Wouldn't Pluto come under Astronomy not Geography?
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  15. Almost 3 pages of posts, and no actual findings for this? Blehhh :emoji_slight_frown:
  16. That's because Crayo's middle name is off-topic.:laugh:

    Plus, its only one page at me. User CP-settings-25 post per page . The best I'd say.
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