Play nice ppl.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Jeez reading through threads on here and people are getting really nasty and horrible with each other and not in a banter way. Take Adams EWR thread big whoop if it was off MP an all he states it wasn't his idea and he was just giving it ago. Yet some of the abuse he started to receive was ridiculous. Hell we all post things ideas of other sites we may visit so who cares. He at least admits it wasn't his idea there was no need to give stick.

    Its not just his thread though I've noticed a few recently where ppl have started hating on each other and arguing and not in the WWEF way where everyone is in on the joke but in an actual bullying way.

    Now the majority of us are mature and friendly and this site is awesome. So lets keep it that way take your whining, bitching and complaining elsewhere and keep the love on this site. We have more users now than ever lets keep it that way and keep growing and not turn into a dick community like hundreds of others out there.

    Rant over.
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  2. This is gonna turn into Adam feeling pity then him getting flamed then he flames back and a flame war erupts.
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  3. I agree. It feels like it's been a big brawl here the last few days. Sorry if I pissed anyone off. :downer:
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  4. LOl i just read that thread can't believe how serious people get about imaginary wrestling you would think it was the reall wwe or something plus who cares if the idea was original a forum isn't an original idea either does that mean there should be only one?
  5. All I did was sign up to that EWR, dammit!
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  6. Agreed,I think this calls for some grade a make up sex,anyone in?
  7. He stole my idea without even asking of course I would be a little mad.
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  10. I get that its just the way ppl went about it. Plus its not just that thread theres been a few over the last couple of weeks that have just gotten ridiculous. I just think we all need to remember the big reason a lot of us like this site is because its friendly. So keep threads as sensible as we can, yes have banter and fun and joke with each other but keep issues and dislikes out of threads and not put them in the open for everyone to see. PM ppl if you need to or speak about it maturely in the thread.

    I'm in no way having a pop at ppl or anyone specific. Or insinuating we don't have fun just that more thought needs to go into what we type before we all become a bunch of keyboard warriors who all fall out.
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  11. That gay orgy Crayo type of stuff just doesnt work for me. Sorry.

    I respect your opinion cloud, but am pretty sure you'll need a 2nd example to get my vote.
  12. Agreed. Play nice, guys! :jericho:
  13. are you spamming posts.
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  14. Nope. I felt like there's nothing to add more, so... :emoji_slight_smile:)

    I don't wanna steal Cloud's lightning haha.:jeritroll:
  15. *thunder
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  16. I AM NOT SORRY! ALL YOU FCUK SUCK! :angry: :stfu: :finger: :gtfo:

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    I am of course joking... Unless your name is Jonathan.
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  17. WE CALL IT LIGHTNING HERE! :rollins::nogusta::upset::christian::bully::angry:
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  18. Why do you hate Lacky?
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