Playing Minecraft for the first time...The fuck is this?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. I decided to try Minecraft out tonight! I managed to get stuck a few times and couldn't understand what I was meant to do.

    You might enjoy it if you like watching people confuse themselves :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Not a fan of the game.
  3. So much swearing, it just isn't necessary. Puts me off your videos completely.
  4. Yeah clean your mouth out William, I said this on one of your last videos, lol.
  5. I can't help it :emoji_slight_frown: I'm Australian...

    And neither am I mr CM Punk, it's stupid and I don't even understand the point in it :/ Don't get why everyone loves it...

  6. I've got an other Australian to help you.

    Maybe watch some existing let's plays to learn the basics.
  7. That video was pretty good :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Also guys I've figured out an ultimate troll I'm going to do :emoji_grin:

    Basically I'm going to make another video of me playing Minecraft and just bag it out and then go on to a Minecraft forum and just post the video and say I've come to the conclusion minecraft is for faggots. Then I wait for butthurt Minecraft fanboys to rage. :finger:
  8. Seems the mature thing to do.
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  9. What is the point of this game? Looks retarded.
  10. Read around and you'll find out. The point for me is to make money.
  11. At first I had the same opinion, but if you play it with friends it's actually quite fun. I'm not creative at all but digging around hunting for diamonds with Xanth whilst getting attacked is quite fun. Plus, there's always little hidden gems which you find which results in you being proud of yourself.
  12. Don't think I've forgotten about the time you blokes left me in a cave :testify:
  13. Hahaha that was hilarious.
  14. The point to Minecraft is to make a world that is completely yours.

    It is an extremely flexible game that caters to however you want to play it.

    If you love zombie/survival/RPG games, then you play on Survival mode and try to survive as much as you can whilst building a shelter and whatnot for yourself.

    If you simply love creating building and such, then you play on Creative mode. Creative mode has more god-mode abilities so you can create things easier than on survival mode where you have to hand-make completely everything you use.

    And let's not forgot all the mods and skin packs you can download that enhances your gameplay greatly. There are no limits to mods, you can install guns/tanks/fighter jets, you can install more NPC's, you can install wallpapers and more colored blocks. Then there are these big themed mods you can install. If you want a more Renaissance feel to the game, or a more futuristic look, or possibly a steampunk look.

    There's absolutely no limits, which is why I love the living hell out of this game. Plus, it doesn't take much to run so ideally, anyone can play. Also, the creators update it quite frequently, so there's always new things to make and play with, which keeps the players entertained and not get bored of the same ol' thing.
  15. I grew bored of the default Minecraft after a while; there's only so many times you can build a self-harvesting farm and have a creeper come in and blow everything up because Xanth and Crayo were too busy figuring out how to place stairs inside the house.

    But if you bought the game, you should give Tekkit a try. It's a pack containing various community-made mods which adds things like computers, better wiring, better logic gates and industrial features such as quarries and solar panels as well as better building materials like light blocks and different shaped panels that can be placed onto blocks.

    A lot of it can be pretty confusing to get around, but even just having access to the advanced wiring is enough to make little contraptions that you can trap your friends in or create little puzzles.
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  16. I also remember that it took you 30 minutes to figure out that I was using Vader as my skin
  17. Omg I laughed so hard. So so hard.

    I also remember accidentally walking on your crops over and over again and you kept chasing me away with your sword :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. I genuinely laughed.

    But I do get bored easily from it too. I've been trying to build this big WWE arena for quite some time now and I just haven't the patience to finish it.
  19. Tekkit turns the game into something I don't like. Complexity isn't what I want.
  20. The mods add functionality which allow your gaming habits to be as complex or laid back as you want, but they don't take away anything from the simple mechanics of the game. You're still free to dig into a cave and find redstone the manual way, but there's only so much you can find before you realise you've exhausted your reasons to have it. With the mods, you could use that redstone on some nice lighting and a light-switch that accesses all of the lights in your house.

    You make it out as if you're suddenly forced to go and learn how to program a mining turtle, but the mods only extend the possibilities for making more creative things while still giving you the freedom to play how you want to play.
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