Please Crayo and Xanth put a stop to this NOW OR I WILL!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Please tell you Crew Guy Seabs,SpotStop,R Aain To please stop flamming On MY GROUP THREAD! I know the Crew have to check to make sore that we are not posting bad thread in a group thread. But these 3 Crew Guy have Gong TODALLY OVER BOARD. I have ask nice to please leave group alone. There post radom shit in thread that have nothing with the the thread made in my group. I have report many time yell you @Crayo and You @Xanth have nothing stop thing! Is shit stop I taking photo of all there flamming and will take it to the cops. THIS IS BS IT MY GROUP THERAD! Were not doing anything wrong and there pissing my group memeber off! There doing there job if there flamming! Please take care of this shit now @crayo and @xanth. Or I will have no chice to take legit action. Either that stop being dick hole or u removed then as crew guy b/c there doing there job! Thank You Frank​

  2. :nogusta::nogusta::nogusta::nogusta::nogusta:
  3. I agree it's ridiculous we'll stay out now. No one flamed you however, Albin was participating in your count thread, I posted in your CM Punk thread about his match with Samoa Joe and Aries. Stopspot did the same.

    We'll address it close.
  5. We'll see you in court with our lawyer :otunga:.
  6. So we're ignoring this?
  7. Nah don't post there. I just felt like using his catch phrase against him.
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