Please end this AJ/Kaitlyn feud

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Please end this AJ/Kaitlyn feud its gone on long enough this is the time to debut Paige on Raw and get her feuding with AJ
  2. Write a letter saying all this. Send it to WWWE. Seriously, can we discuss about this? End it yes, NO, Yes, No. :facepalm:
  3. Let's say they end it, who is AJ to feud with? They haven't built up any other contenders.
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  4. I like being a nice guy, but why do you make such stupid threads. You make a new thread about everything, even things we don't care about.
  5. And what?

    As much as I hate AJ/Kaitlyn feud, I think it's the best situation that we could get.

    Paige is still in developmental because of a reason. She still needs to sharpen up her skills. Besides, we have some competent wrestlers that are now on the roster. Natalya, Tamina, Layla... why not use what they already have in plate?
  6. my fuck. Just put these bitches on the side role as hot/reasonably attractive slut next to people, like kellykelly did for years.

    This shit is never going to get better, wwe has a failed female project and it's a piss break AT IT'S FINEST MOMENT. Seriously, AJ is decent at best, Guys like me could land Kaitlyn, and there is no competition. Bring back some muscular women and give natty the title. Natty > Any of these bitches. That wonderful woman went through the fucking dungeon, FFS.
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  7. Yea it has gone on long enough. But I think the only reason they keep the feud going is because Kaitlyn and aj are the only divas with decent mic skills and wrestling capabilities.
  8. Yeah, have natalya whoop her ass in 10 seconds.
  9. Just end the entire Diva's division if you're gonna put AJ in the spotlight over Natalya. :gtfo:
  10. Well, she is the most over diva right now so why wouldn't she have the title? Trust me I like Natalya but it would be dumb to give her the title over Aj.
  11. I meant, they should've gave Natalya the push AJ got since she's the better wrestler. But either way she wouldn't have much competition or any good feuds with could half of the divas are just.. terrible.
  12. Can we just go back to when Divas got no TV time? thanks
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  13. Yeah, then we'll get female viewers bitching about there being no female wrestlers.
  14. Aj is probably more annoying than Cean at this point.
  15. Oh yeah, I would rather watch tons of fat and Khali vs 3MB.
    Look at the NXT female division. They gotta give them time. Don't understand why they turned Layla heel. But I wouldn't mind at all AJ vs Natty. If they wanted to top Taryn vs Gail or at least put in a match half as good at TNA put in. They should have chosen Natty over Kaitlyn
  16. All 20 of them? Who cares about female viewers.
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  17. You can't push someone who doesn't have a gimmick, especially if the audience doesn't care about them, regardless of their wrestling skills.
  18. People complain about Diva's not getting on TV but when they do they completely half ass everything.
  19. they do?
  20. They did in 2012 when everything was a train wreck in the Diva's division.
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