Please for the love of god stop this Sheamus/Alberto feud

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. Please for the love of god stop this Sheamus/Alberto feud this has gone on long enough seriously its boring the feud is going nowhere give some new talent their spotlight. No wonder Smackdown shows are not selling out with this shit feud always on the card. Theres plenty of better talent on the Smackdown roster waiting for their turn and always getting overlooked come on WWE sort this out and give someone else a chance
  2. Yet ok..

    I will call Vince and Hunter tomorrow morning.

  3. Smackdown don't really need to sell out because its taped. Smackdown aren't exactly flooded with main event talent. Hopefully Dolph can cash in and shake it up a little.

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  4. I'm confident it'll end at NoC.
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  6. Hi Jose. :otunga:
  7. Agreed, That being after Ziggler cashes in. :obama:
  8. I'd be OK with that. I'd also prefer that Ziggler beat Orton... or he could job to Orton (which I think will happen ofc), win the title and then beat him when Orton goes after the WHC. :hmm:
  9. But first a nice reign while Orton is filming.
  10. Sure, that'd be nice. Maybe they can actually use simple logic and have Ziggler beat the crap out of Orton so bad he has to stay off TV for a while. Either that or le random contract vs contract match on the next show after Orton buries Ziggler appears.
  11. Does Sheamus have a rematch clause if he get's cashed in on? I've never noticed if they're allowed?
  12. No. Swagger vs Jericho never happened.
  13. Okay, thanks for informing me.
  14. Which is pretty good. But I think that if Ziggler takes Sheamus' title he'll have a rematch. Remember, logic isn't one of WWE's priorities, so it's possible that Sheamus will come out and say he has a rematch or something. I don't know.
  15. Best thing in this entire thread :win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win:
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  16. Such (if not one of the best) pieces of musical orgasms.
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  17. I'm pretty sure Sheamus will feud with Ziggler, if he cashes in on him.
  18. Sheamus, use the Cloverleaf, get your submission win, then feud with Barrett.
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