Please tell me why do you hate Cena

Discussion in 'RAW' started by SCSA, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. tell me why do you hate cena, I think he is a good guy. on the other side , now i hate cane and john lourinatis
  2. It's Kane not Cane lol. I don't hate Cena just that his character is incredibly stale. Alot of the hate he gets is from bandwagon members of the IWC from 2006 though.
  3. OMG
  4. I don't hate Cena at all, he just needs a fresh gimmick. Outside of the WWE he's one of the nicest men you'll ever meet. He holds the record for the most make-a-wish grants, he stays and signs autographs wherever and whenever you ask, and talks to everyone backstage as equals reportedly. IWC members go way too far, some have wished Cena gets a long term injury. That's despicable.

    But yeah, his character just needs to freshen up a bit.
  5. I don't hate Cena, I just hate the damn Super-Hero gimmick. It's getting stale and he pretty much buries the entire WWE roster. But kids like super-heroes and that's why they cheer for him and for girls, well he's attractive. (No Homo)
  6. Hogan and Stone Cold were the same though, but today's crowd get fed up. WWE will change it up come WM, and I can't wait.
  7. I'll be honest here, I only just started watched wrestling again. I don't know why everyone hates Cena. I haven't seen it.

    From what I've seen (started watching wrestling again at SS), I think he's a great, charismatic wrestler. He seems to be a big guy, but can put on a great match.

    I guess (same with rocky and stone cold) he has been shoved down the fans throats the last four - five years. I guess the WWE finally see it so they are embracing it. I guess this is why they're pulling for new faces in guys like Rhodes, Ziggler, Ryder and ofcourse CM Punk.

    Also, the internet community (sites like youtube) are so far out of concept, they think he can't wrestle. Really? That match at MITB got a 5 star rating, Punk might have been in there but it takes two to make a good match. Cena can carry his own, which is half the reason why it was amazing. The other was Punk and his loud home crowd lol.
  8. Cena can definitely carry his own, people saying he can't wrestle are so wrong it's unreal. It's just his character is stale that's all. Doesn't matter if some midcard face is stale because they wouldn't win as much and be shoved down our throats. We saw Cena winning every single week, even against more than one superstar. They need to freshen it up and it's fine. I have nothing against Cena, just creative aren't doing him any favours.
  9. He is a terrible actor. I've not seen much of him, but he doesn't entertain me at all. Same for many other current wrestlers.
  10. Disagree, but sometimes he does lack effort in selling. I think sometimes his facial expressions alone have put over groups like Nexus, and superstars like Kane recently. I can't really name many good "Actors" so to speak ever in WWE, it's more about putting your opponent over and despite the criticism John receives he has actually done that quite a lot.

    I'd say he's better at it than Stone Cold, and he's my all time favourite.
  11. Oh there was so many great actors in the past.

    Because that's what the script tells him to achieve.
  12. No the script tells him to beat people over and over again. He's done it in a way where the opponent doesn't always look shitty. Of course there's some exceptions, he buried Nexus towards the end of there group. But he's better than HHH.
  13. HHH was great 10 years ago, don't know about now. He did switch from fan favourite to enemy a few times though.
  14. He is the best heel of all time, loved him back in the day. Now he refuses to lose to anyone. WWE are building CM Punk up basically to replace Cena (as he's eventually turning heel, we all think) but still refused to lay down and let CM Punk pin him clean. Things like that annoy me.