PM is broken, my threatening letter(okay PMs aren't broken)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. @[Rhodes] our group will beat yours, we'll smack the lower guys in the head with lead pipes first and beat the crap out of them and send them to the hospital. Then we'll after the others, and gang up at them at the parking lot, and set their cars on fire, and beat them with whips. While all your guys are at the hospitals, we'll come by and still beat them up until they move to Impact Wrestling!
    And then after that, we're going for the Gold!! We comin' for YOU nigguh!
  2. You have fun with that. Let me know how things turn out :okay:
  3. This is like Ryder vs Horneswaggle. Rhodes, Your team is horneswaggle.
  4. Implying as if I care. You guys acting all serious about crap puts a smile on my face. :grin:
  5. Who is acting serious. its a wwe forum. I am here to laugh and enjoy myself, we just all take different routes.
  6. That's a shitty ass smile! This is a smile! :otunga:
  7. The friggin Greasers vs the Socs up in here :jake:
  8. where the fuck are you from, thats worse to me than a randy post. Your reply is worse than a dentist's work on a 30 year old British man's teeth. :true:
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