Pointless skills you have

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WarMachine, Aug 11, 2014.

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  1. I re watched one of Dara O'Briens comedy acts last night and he touched on this. Well I'm sure we all know that not just some but the majority of skills and knowledge taught in the school system (by that I mean high school and lower) turn out to be useless, thus pointless to have learned to begin with.

    What would you say is the most pointless and useless thing you learned during your time in school or anywhere else?

    I go with 'algebra'. In what situation am I ever going to need to know the value of 'x'?
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  2. funny enough i had to use algebra last week when figuring out finances, you usually use algebra when you don't even realise it
  3. No such thing as a pointless skill, just a skill you don't get paid for.
  4. Clicking with my tongue super fast is apparently skillful. I dunno.
  5. Rap music is filled with tons of talentless f***s with useless skills.
  6. Plenty of good rap music around too.
  7. :true:
  8. Could say the same for every genre. I often question the talents of the billboard 100s and the UK top 40s tbh.
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  9. I can burp simultaneously, I wouldn't say it's a pointless skill though. I can also pop my right index finger as much as I want to.
    Good rap is out there, just gotta look in the right places.
  10. I can run fast and jump fences.
  11. Is that a skill you picked up from all the times you've been chased by the police?
  12. No I did track in middle school :mad1:
  13. Not a skill as such, But in Yr 11 I took History for a GCSE option and now I know way too much about the American West, Medicine through time and Conwy Castle. Which I doubt will help me in later life.
  14. I guarantee you I won't look.
    I won't say the same for every genre, because rap is garbage. However, that doesn't indicate your point is void.
  15. I can play any melody I hear by ear on a piano/keyboard within a Few minutes. I can only play with one hand though, no chords or both hands. Fun for me but useless for others to hear I suppose.
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  16. Pretty sure you could find some way to win money off of that :hmmm:

    I can make weird guttural sounds identical to that of the Clicker from "The Last of Us"
  17. The most un-pointless skill you could ever tell a chick
  18. Yeah they were all impressed that I could play Ryu's theme and the Inspector Gadget theme at the drop of a hat :lol1:
  19. You could probably perform at kid's birthday parties :bitw:
    Clowns would be at your door with torches & pitchforks though :woo1:
  20. Sorry .
    Impressing one chick >>> Impressing 100 dudes
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