Games Pokemon Chat Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Neptune, Nov 5, 2015.

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    Share tips, tricks, and opinions on playing the game.
    Post videos or pictures you found funny or useful.
    General discussion area for all things Pokemon that are not related to the tournament.

  2. I hope this was okay to make this here. Anyways, to start it off... This made me laugh

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  3. aight now i am just getting lost on here...

  4. im not sure what was more painful watching the harden video or Deth's sweep
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  5. :booker2:
  6. Ouch ouch ouch!
    Anyways guys, I am gonna start something called the PSBA, based off of the GBA. If you guys would like to join, just let me know.
    And I still can't believe how badly I lost to deth. Ouch!
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  7. He is good. I only faced him twice I think and got my ass handed to me. I am scared of him and Solidus the most. And Nick but only cause of his Mega. lol
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  8. Solidus seems scary
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  9. Shady vs aDrive, what a match this should be...

    Those new to competitive Pokemon should watch these.
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  10. Shady!!!! I love you man, why did you lose? Frickin Time Stall!!
  11. aDrive had that, he didn't stall.
  12. I wish that wasn't true...
  13. lol this is from 2006

  14. If I seen these guys in real life while they were recording this, I would have recorded them... Imagine how weird they musta looked without seeing the animations lol

  15. Since I noticed some people don't want to wait for the weekly battles, why not just do minor battles and track them in a thread? This way people can have fun and battle without it interfering with the tournament. Like just keep track of your own KDR or something.
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  16. These make me laugh to hard