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  1. Thoughts? I'm not sure yet, need to see more.

  2. After watching this I'm not overly interested, what's the benefit vs a standard game?

    It could be a really cool app for google glass but on a smart phone I just don't see it.
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  3. I can't wait to see weirdo's wandering in the wild doing this shit. Cheap laughs and people watching are both two of my favorite things.
  4. Looks retarded. Just released Pokemon Z so I can battle scrubs.
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  5. This.
  6. It looks awesome! But it looks like it'll just be Kanto pokemon only at first until the rest are coded in.
  7. Any of you scumbags want to battle?
  8. I'll whoop your candy ass
  9. What's your FC
  10. I use showdown for now :okay:
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  11. But when I get a 3ds, I'm down for ubers.
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  12. I'll be waiting. GET REK BRUH
  13. You'll get smacked, bitch.
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  14. Give us Z or X2/Y2!!!
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  15. Down for X/Y 2. What is due next for a remake though? Thinking a new region is next.
  16. Been hearing rumors for Z, and there was some sort of leak with new forms for Zygarde or whatever that guys name is. I'm expecting Z, then a new region. Hopefully they take a bit more time for next region, as X and Y kinda disappointed me with the Pokemon they added in general. They have to get a follow up to the main game, then we can hopefully get on the Gen 7 hype
  17. Zygarde already has 5 forms, maybe just a mega evolution.
  18. its a brand new form in general, probably a mega. It's expected for a Zygarde movie and they may ride Zygarde to a new game.
  19. Never cared for Zygarde really, but it's kewl I guess. Waiting for the day that the cover pokemon isn't something ferocious looking, like Shaymin or Keldeo.
  20. Wow, Pokemon has evolved so much over the year's. Surprised it's still going strong.
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