Pokemon Showdown League (PSL) Season 1 DISCUSSION

Discussion in 'Pokemon Showdown League' started by Solidus, Sep 28, 2015.

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    For discussion and questions on the PSL! :woods:
  2. Just FYI, there will be prizes and stuff. That is TBA (and undecided lol).
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  3. IMPORTANT: Remember to EXPORT YOUR TEAM once you've created it, and save the text file to your computer! Logging out from Pokemon Showdown or deleting cookies WILL DELETE YOUR TEAM.
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    Quick question, what do we do about BL tiers? Some powerful Pokemon like mega pinsir in there. I think BL should go with OU, BL2 with UU, etc...

    Also, not entirely sure they have to be 2 seperate teams. I think you just get the 12 Pokemon and you have the option to rotate them in and out as you please.
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  5. Everything he said ^
  6. I posted my team up, if there are any changes, I may as well have a see if I could change mine around.
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  7. What does UCL do about it? Shadypenguin uses a mega pinsir so they are allowed. Your idea seems good, 1 BL allowed for OU pick.
  8. Looks good to me.
  9. Not sure if I mentioned it, but make sure you set OU as the format when creating a team. You can then validate it to make sure everything is legal.

  10. Had to change my Tyranitar for a Gardevoir, says because it doesn't evolve to that until Level 55, edit that post for me unless Nick's idea is allowed, I may change that one.
  11. I've given no shits about Pokemon, but I think it's cool there's a league. That's all.
  12. We have 6 players which is enough, but 8 is way better. Hoping @Forrest OAKADA and @Harley Quinn still want to play.
    Draft is different now, we all choose pokemon 1 by 1 in each tier, @Nickelodeon's idea.
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  13. I mean, I can try and play. I'll try and figure it out then see if I can on the weekend.
  14. Don't feel all too comfortable playing really, but wanted to chime in and say it's a truly kickass idea. :bodallas:
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  15. Do it, I'll be available on Sunday's mostly.
  16. I think I'd really like to play if you don't mind having a beginner around.
  17. All are welcome, just make sure your teams will be legal and you can commit to this. It will last 16+ weeks.
  18. YaY! Okay, I'm pretty sure I can manage that :emoji_slight_smile:
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  19. Awesome. If you know type weaknesses/strengths, and how to choose good moves for each Pokemon (special attacking move for Pokemon w/ high special attack for example), you'll be good to go. If not, you'll learn by way of ass kicking :rollins3:
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