Pokemon Showdown League (PSL) Season 1 TRADING

Discussion in 'Pokemon Showdown League' started by Solidus, Dec 23, 2015.

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    This is your one and only opportunity to trade Pokemon for season 1.


    - You get ONE free agent swap. This is where you swap one of your Pokemon for another which was not drafted. Any tier changes from the draft to now are ignored. If want to swap a Pokemon which was NU when drafted, but is now OU, you can swap it for an NU Pokemon. Reference the draft thread to see your Pokemon in order of OU -> UU -> NU -> RU if you don't remember.

    - Free agent swaps are done in order of 10th place to 1st place in the league table.

    - You will have 24 hours to submit your free agent swap from the time you are tagged. If you do not submit any, you must then wait until everyone else has.

    This is the order we are going in,
    Free agent swaps order (open)

    - These are trades made between teams. You can swap TWO Pokemon with other players as long as both Pokemon are in the same tier (again, the tier they belonged to at the time of the draft).

    - It is recommended to offer Pokemon you want to trade in this thread.

    - Player trades are not done in any specific order, you may negotiate with anyone throughout the week. Please notify me of any trades in this thread.

    I will double check any submitted swaps and trades and authorize them if they are allowed!
    Trading ends the night before battling resumes, on January 2nd.


    TREVENANT for Fletchinder by @Thyst04
    HELIOLISK for Slowking by @Shadow
    MEGA SABLEYE for Mega Alakazam by @Zach
    GARBODOR for Leafeon by @Neptune
    EMPOLEON for Tentacruel by @Solidus
    AMOONGUSS (@Runebane33) traded for DRAPION (@Solidus)
    MAGNEZONE for Tornadus-T by @Runebane33
    MEGA LOPUNNY for Mega Scizor by @deth
  2. @Shadow you are first up. You have 24 hours to submit a free agent swap.
  3. As for me, I'm willing to trade Miltank. Offers for other Pokemon will be considered.
  4. Does anyone want amoonguss, Dugtrio, or tornadus-T?
  5. @Zach Ammongus for tyrantrum?
    Or Dugtrio for sneasel?
  6. Wait, you can only make one swap? Why? I don't see myself trading at all (MAYBE once), let alone twice. Why not just allow 3 swaps/trades altogether. Also, C.M Shadix's mons up for grabs?
  7. I think both the GBA and UCL allow more than just one swap. (I know adrive swapped at lest twice). Js
  8. Shaddix's Pokemon are up for grabs, yes.
    GBA allows 2 FA pickups, UCL doesn't allow any, just 2 trades between 2 different players.
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  9. Man, that's really lame. I guess I'm keeping Ditto, lool. Unless anyone wants to trade? *crickets*
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  10. Got something else in mind for a FA pickup then?
    There will be GBA format leagues coming btw, as well as new formats.
  11. Jolteon tho?
  12. Indeed, I do. inb4 I get sniped. MAN I'LL BE SO PISSED.

    Nah man, sorry. lol

    I think I'm only willing to trade Seismitoed (even then I'm kinda hesitant) and Ditto.
  13. Poliwrath for seismetoed?
  14. I'm open to trading just about anyone. Intrigue me
  15. Different tiers.
  16. @Nickelodeon Dugtrio for hitmonlee
    or Tornadus-T for Thundurus
  17. Nahhh
  18. lol i figured as much
  19. Tentacruel for Krookodile. I'm just considering what I'd have to trade if that went through.