Pokemon Showdown League Season 2: DRAFT



Please read the entire thread to know rules, format and ban list!
This is a snake draft. Order will go team A to team J, then team J drafts again and back down to team A. This order will not change until the draft is finished.

1. Team a
2. Team b
3. Team c
4. Team d
5. Team e
6. Team f
7. Team g
8. Team h
9. Team I
10 team j

11 team j
12 team i
13 team h
14 team g
15 team f
16 team e
17 team d
18 team c
19 team b
20 team a

We will be drafting from 4 tiers. OU, UU, RU and NU. You may draft from any tier at any time, however you must end up with 3 Pokemon from each tier listed below.

Smogon links for Pokemon by tier:

Pokemon in OU (also includes BL)
Pokemon in UU (also includes BL2)
Pokemon in RU (also includes BL3)
Pokemon in NU (also includes BL4)

We will also be drafting a Z-Crystal each. List of Z-Crystals. You can draft your Z-Crystal at any time. Only type based Z-Crystals allowed, no Pokemon specific Z-Crystals. For example, Waterium Z is allowed, Mewnium Z is not allowed.

Draft Rules

- You are allowed ONE MEGA, and you must draft it as a mega. You cannot draft Scizor, then use Mega Scizor. You must say you are drafting Mega Scizor.

- No Pokemon released in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon are allowed. This includes Blacephelon, Naganadel, Lycanroc-Dusk etc.

- Other banned Pokemon: Tapu Lele, Greninja (unless ability is Torrent).

Battling Rules

- You must mega evolve your Pokemon turn one unless you are switching out.

- No omni-boosting Z Moves. These are moves which increase more than 1 stat (Z-Celebrate, Z-Happy Hour etc). Z Moves which increase just 1 stat is allowed (Z-Sunny Day, Z-Hypnosis etc)

- You cannot draft a mega Pokemon and bring it to battle with an item other than its mega stone.

- Standard Smogon OU rules apply, take these into consideration when drafting.

Any questions? Ask them in the discussion thread: Pokemon Showdown League Season 2: CHAT

Stand by for draft order...


Draft Order

1 S Solidus
2 Beavie Beavie
3 Sanic Sanic
4 Solid Snake Solid Snake
5 Swift Swift
6 Killer Orange Cat Killer Orange Cat
7 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon
8 MildlyUpsetGerbil MildlyUpsetGerbil
9 OniBlackDog OniBlackDog
10 Skywalker Skywalker

Please submit your picks in the following example format and tag the next member to draft:

Heracross from UU
@ NextMember


Charizard X (Mega), Celesteela, Clefable, Diancie (Mega), Dragonite, Garchomp, Gengar, Jirachi, Landorus-Therian, Latios (Mega), Lopunny (Mega), Magearna, Mimikyu, Ninetales-Alola, Porygon-Z, Salamence, Scizor, Scolipede, Swampert (Mega), Tangrowth, Tapu Fini, Tapu Koko, Thundurus-Therian, Tyranitar, Victini, Volcarona, Weavile, Zapdos, Zygarde

Altaria (Mega), Arcanine, Azelf, Blissey, Chandelure, Cobalion, Crobat, Empoleon, Forretress, Gliscor, Hippowdon, Hydreigon, Infernape, Latias, Lucario, Mamoswine, Metagross, Mienshao, Muk-Alola, Primarina, Raikou, Rotom-Wash, Sceptile (Mega), Starmie, Suicune, Sylveon, Tentacruel, Tornadus, Volcanion

Abomasnow (Mega), Bewear, Bronzong, Chesnaught, Cresselia, Decidueye, Dhelmise, Espeon, Florges, Flygon, Galvantula, Gardevoir, Honchkrow, Jolteon, Machamp, Meloetta, Milotic, Moltres, Necrozma, Nideoqueen, Porygon2, Registeel, Roserade, Rhyperior, Shaymin, Snorlax, Tsareena, Tyrantrum, Umbreon, Yanmega, Zygarde-10%

Accelgor, Claydol, Delphox, Ditto, Dodrio, Froslass, Golbat, Guzzlord, Hariyama, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Incineroar, Mismagius, Nidoqueen, Ninetales, Omastar, Regirock, Rotom, Sandslash-Alola, Scrafty, Seismitoad, Sigilyph, Spiritomb, Sneasel, Toxicroak, Uxie, Vaporeon, Vikavolt, Virizion, Whimsicott


Valley View Victinis: Victini (OU) Mega Diancie (OU) Celesteela (OU) Hippowdon (UU) Starmie (UU) Tornadus (UU) Galvantula (RU) Tyrantrum (RU) Florges (RU) Uxie (NU) Spiritomb (NU) Hariyama (NU) Firium Z
Toronto Bidoofs: Landorus-Therian (OU) Mega Altaria (UU) Jirachi (OU) Scolipede (OU) Volcanion (UU) Rotom-Wash (UU) Umbreon (RU) Dhelmise (RU) Sneasel (NU) Machamp (RU) Mismagius (NU) Ditto (NU) Flyinium Z
Perrysburg Persians: Clefable (OU) Tapu Koko (OU) Tangrowth (OU) Mega Sceptile (UU) Forretress (UU) Arcanine (UU) Zygarde-10% (RU) Cresselia (RU) Vaporeon (NU) Hitmontop (NU) Froslass (NU) Yanmega (RU) Electrium Z
San Diego Pikachus: Mimikyu (OU) Mega Lopunny (OU) Magearna (OU) Latias (UU) Primarina (UU) Mamoswine (UU) Snorlax (RU) Shaymin (RU) Nidoqueen (RU) Rotom (NU) Accelgor (NU) Regirock (NU) Fairium Z
Harlem Magikarps: Mega Charizard X (OU), Zapdos (OU), Tyranitar (OU) Suicune (UU) Azelf (UU) Cobalion (UU) Registeel (RU) Necrozma (RU) Chesnaught (RU) Seismitoad (NU) Sigilyph (NU) Whimsicott (NU) Fightinium Z
Goldenrod City Growlithe: Mega Scizor (OU) Tapu Fini (OU) Zygarde (OU) Raikou (UU) Chandelure (UU) Blissey (UU) Bronzong (RU) Meloetta (RU) Porygon2 (RU) Golbat (NU) Scrafty (NU) Guzzlord (NU) Ghostium Z
Nagasaki Ninetails: Dragonite (OU) Mega Latios (OU) Empoleon (UU) Sylveon (UU) Decidueye (RU) Incineroar (NU) Moltres (RU) Kyurem-Black (OU) Honchkrow (RU) Virizion (NU) Bewear (RU) Ninetales (NU) Grassium Z
Ipswich Infernapes: Infernape (UU) Mega Swampert (OU) Thudurus-Therian (OU) Muk-Alola (UU) Weavile (OU) Hydreigon (UU) Espeon (RU) Tsareena (RU) Flygon (RU) Hitmonlee (NU) Dodrio (NU) Claydol (NU) Waterium Z
Lavender Town Phantoms: Gengar (OU) Salamence (OU) Lucario (UU) Tentacruel (UU) Gliscor (UU) Volcarona (OU) Omastar (NU) Rhyperior (RU) Jolteon (RU) Mega Abomasnow (RU) Delphox (NU) Sandslash-Alola (NU) Groundium Z
Ever Grande Eevees: Garchomp (OU) Metagross (UU) Ninetails-Alola (OU) Gardevoir (RU) Milotic (RU) Porygon-Z (OU) Toxicroak (NU) Houndoom (NU) Crobat (UU) Roserade (RU) Mienshao (UU) Vikavolt (NU)


Electrium Z
Firium Z
Flyinium Z
Waterium Z
Fairium Z
Grassium Z
Ghostium Z
Groundium Z
Fightinium Z
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