Pokemon Showdown League Season 2: DRAFT


"Best Girl" regardless of gender.
LDW Management
After the long wait, we finally see the Toronto Bidoofs return to the podium. Doofinbaker smiles as Paul Shaymin has a blank expression on his face.

"Jee, finally we're back up. That took forever. Well, Paul, do you want to do our pick?"

Paul looks dead ahead...


The Bidoof pats him on the shoulder and all Paul says is. "Dit-"


Immediately, Paul Shaymin changes, he turns pink and squishy and reveals it to be a Ditto!



From backstage, the real Paul Shaymin comes out and sees the Ditto and his GM on the podium.

"Sorry, I'm late, I just went to the bathroom and..." He looks towards Ryan. "Oh, you met our new signee?"

"You signed a Ditto?"

"Yeah! They're great father figures for the team and mother figures. So with that, our pick is Ditto from PU as our NU pick!"

Ditto from NU/PU
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