Games Pokemon Showdown Mini-Tournament *In Progress*

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Beavs, Sep 24, 2016.

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    As the Pokemon Showdown League hasn't started up yet, and I have a battle fix, I'm wondering if anyone wants to be involved in a mini-tournament on Pokemon Showdown. Winner gets...Uhh...the satisfaction of winning in a contest of forcing virtual creatures to battle until they can't battle no longer. But hey, it's all for fun.

    Battle Format:

    -Battles will take place in the OU tier where you make a team on the site's Team Builder with any Pokemon legal for the OU tier (except maybe Mega Metagross if everyone agrees on it... that thing is a bit overpowered)

    -You are allowed to mix up your team between battles.

    -Other than that, your team is up to your imagination. Whether you make a strong team or make a team of your favorites, that is up to you.

    Tournament Format:

    -Each participant will battle each other at least once.
    -After your battle, click the "upload and share replay" option and link the battle here so we know the result.
    -Wins, losses, and +/- will be recorded.
    -After everyone faced each other once, then the top four records (including +/-) will battle in the semi-finals. Top rank battles fourth, second faces third. Winners battle in the final.


    - @Beaver (Bidoof)
    - @Mike Thunder (The Thunder Piplup)
    - @Y2JCake (Red Velvet Slurpuff)
    - @The ReagMaster (Magikarp)
    - @deth (Giratina)
    - @TheKingSonic (Blue Shaymin)

    Reply down below if you're interested.

    Schedule (open)

    Round Robin

    Standings (open)

    1. Beaver 4w 1L +/- +14
    Standings (open)

    2. deth 4W 1L +/- +9
    3. Y2JCake 3W 2L +/- +2
    4. Mike Thunder 2W 2L +/- -1
    5. The Reagmaster 1W 4L +/- -11
    6. TheKingSonic 0W 4L +/- -13

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  2. yea boii
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  3. Sure
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  4. *clears throat*

    I'm in. What's my number?
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  5. Your number is last place. <3
  6. I am interest :unitard:
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  7. Also, I don't think MegaGross should be banned. It's not really broken in the standard OU tier. It's only broken in league format because it's harder to check/counter since you can ONLY use 12 or so mons you drafted. Just my 2 cents.
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  8. Fair point. Right now it isn't banned unless a bunch of others agree.

    Show Spoiler
    And looks like now I will need to prep for it...
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  9. I'm still learnding
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  10. I'm aiming for 6-8 people for the tournament, but I'll give it a few days, if we don't reach that range, we'll probably do it as each of us face each other once then the best 4 face off in a semi-finals, and final round (tie breaker may be something like k/d differential *or faint/faint* whatever it will be called).

    Until then, if you find some time, go on Pokemon Showdown and make an OU singles team or two and if you're a Pokénoob, maybe experiment a bit, look up some Pokemon and how they work, and have fun.
  11. @The ReagMaster
    @Mike Thunder

    This will be started Friday. As of right now, we will each battle each other once, and the best four records go in a semi-finals and a finals. If there are ties, then it will be decide by +/-.

    If someone joins before then, I'll modify this a bit. Respond or message me to confirm you'll be doing this.
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  12. @Beaver I'm in. You'll have to help me out though (w/ building a decent team and other shit)
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  13. Cool, message me on Skype and I'll do it as soon as I am available.
  14. Wait THUNDERS ON SKYPE!? Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Also I'm in.
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  15. Ye boiii
  16. I'm in boi.

    Spoiler (open)
    Might suprise some peeps, hehe.
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  17. Cool, adding you to the list of participants now.
  18. Will make a little "schedule" after my class. Then we can start battling! :emoji_slight_smile: [​IMG]
  19. is how it will work! (If I made repeat matches, let me know)

    Round Robin

    Round 1:

    @deth vs @Mike Thunder

    @Beaver vs @The ReagMaster

    @Y2JCake vs @TheKingSonic

    Round 2:

    @Y2JCake vs @Beaver

    @deth vs @TheKingSonic

    @Mike Thunder vs @The ReagMaster

    Round 3:

    @The ReagMaster vs @deth

    @Y2JCake vs @Mike Thunder

    @TheKingSonic vs @Beaver

    Round 4:

    @Mike Thunder vs @Beaver

    @Y2JCake vs @deth

    @TheKingSonic vs @The ReagMaster

    Round 5:

    @deth vs @Beaver

    @Y2JCake vs @The ReagMaster

    @TheKingSonic vs @Mike Thunder



    1st vs 4th

    2nd vs 3rd

    Fifth Place Match-Up:

    5th vs 6th

    Third Place Game:

    Loser of 1v4 vs Loser of 2v3


    Winner of 1v4 vs Winner of 2v3

    I'll be adding this to the OP, along with "The Standings." Pretty much as soon as you have a team ready, let the other person know and battle. Post the results (preferably the replay) here and when the matches are done for "one round" we go to the next.

    If you have questions, feel free to ask.
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