Pokemon: The Orgin

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Type: Special
    Episodes: Unknown
    Status: Not yet aired
    Aired: Oct 2, 2013 to ?
    Producers: Production I.G, Xebec, Oriental Light and Magic
    Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Shounen
    Duration: Unknown
    Rating: PG - Children

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  2. Charizard is a bad ass mother fucker.
  3. :haha:
  4. :mog:........:yay:.................:fap:.................:happy:

  5. [​IMG]

  6. [​IMG]
  7. True dat, brother.
  8. Looks like they're trying to blowjob the fans who went away because of all the new pokemon by bringing in this series since it'll be about the first 151. Honestly, don't care.
  9. It's working!:jbl:
    Hopefully they do Emerald. :mog:
  10. Saw this awhile ago, looks like it'll be pretty good. I'll definitely be checking this out.
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  11. Charizard sucks. I can beat it with Jigglypuff.
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  12. Charizard = Cena
  13. Yay!
    Also, Charizard ain't nothing, Blastoise is the hypest Mofo...
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  14. :stfu: BITCHASS TRAVLER.
  15. Guess they will make a remake after gen 6 comes out (Remake of the game)
  16. Lol charizard and his X4 rock weakness that makes him the weakest starter gamewise.

    And yeah, im so watching this. I hate ash. RED>ASH. Cant wait

    EDIT: Dragonite >>>>>>>>>>>>Charizard

  17. Yeah, I don't even know why they even created Ash. Red was technically the first main character (video game and manga wise) and then they just create a 20 something year long series about a random kid from Pallet Town, lmao. I'm pretty hyped for this and curious to see more of Red's personality (I haven't really read the manga).
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  18. Lol, Red was before Ash. But you're right, they are trying to being the hipster "OMG EVERYTHING IN THE 90'S WAS AWESOME" fans back with this probably. Idk. I'd still watch it because, seriously, fuck Ash at this point. Some new product would be refreshing.
  19. Yeah, I love Red mainly because the first game i played was Fire Red that was based around his story. (Yeah, not because of ash).
    And well, many people hate ash because he doesnt follow the manga. This new series will be based around Red's manga. They should make Ash defeat the fuckin E4 and change main character. Ash is Bad Luck Cena.

    Ash and Red story? Interesting stuff

    Show Spoiler

  20. Lmfao, of course Ash doesn't follow the manga, Red and Ash are different.

    That seems interesting, but I noticed a couple of things. By Ash not defeating "any one league", did it mean any crime groups or the Pokemon League?

    Lmao, Ash having mental retardation makes so much sense. :dawg:

    I guess Misty thought Ash could handle himself since she left his life relatively early.

    And woah woah,
    If I can recall, I remember a whole string of episodes in a span of a few months of Ash attempting to teach Pikachu Iron Tail. Let's give credit where credit is due. Ash might be mentally challenged, but he's accomplished a whole hell of a lot, let's not forget that.
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