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  1. I felt like making a thread about some of the political debates that have been going on. No flaming, if you want to take a side make sure to support your decision with a good reason. Lets have some good intellectual discussion.

    Here the topics:-

    1) American Gun Law

    I vote for guns to be banned for every regular citizen, only cops/securityguards can own guns. Its no secret that the availibity of guns to regular citizens is causing most of the school and public shootings.

    2) Gay Marriage

    I believe gay marriage should be legalized, people should have the right to love/marry whoever they want, male or female. The only thing speaking against gay marriage is religion, and laws should never be based upon religion.

    3) Marijuana Legalization

    Shouldnt be legalized as it has harmful effects in our body. Yes they are much less harmfull than cigerettes, but that doesnt change the fact that they are still harmfull.

    4) Pedophilia Issues

    Pedophilia and child molestation are never the same and should never be mixed. I dont honestly see anything wrong with pedophilia, its just like being straight or gay.

    5) Abortion

    Should only be performed under expert care and with a very good reason. Abortion done at home without reason should be illegal.

    6) Tax

    Taxes should be lowered, the government wastes way too much of regular citizens' hard earned money. Rich should be taxed a little more than the poor.

    7) Justin Bieber

    Should be shipped to the Talibans to annoy them.
  2. So you also think that alcohol and cigarettes should be illegal yes? Tell me what harm marijuana inflicts without mentioning the words "too much" or "excessive amounts".

  3. Completely disagree, liking children isn't the same as a sexual preference IMO. There's nothing sexual about children and I believe they shouldn't be viewed as such.
  4. Someone's jealous :pity1:
  5. Using marijuana at a young age can result in structural and functional deficits of the brain. This could cause you to develop weakened verbal and communication skills, lowered learning capabilities and a shortened attention span.
    Also Marijuana smoke contains 50% to 70% more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke.

    Alchohol isnt harmful enough to be made illegal as long as u drink within limits, tobacco should have been illegal but has become far too mainstream to be made illegal.


    Pretty sure that gays dont find anything sexual about females and pedos dont find anything sexual about adults. You are speaking entirely from your perspective. You have to understand that its not a choice, hence its unfair to judge some people because of their sexual preferences, which they are born with.

    Also talking about children, you have to be more elaborate on the age when one can be classed as a children and when one cant be.


    I have plenty of reasons to be.
  6. Nice Google copy & paste for the first paragraph.

    Excessive use of alcohol has the exact same effect, especially at a young age. Alcohol kills thousands and thousands of people, Marijuana hasn't killed one. Excessive amounts of anything causes negative effects, if it was legalised then the marijuana everyone is smoking would be CLEAN and not tampered with, and it can improve the economy if you tax it. You can also help prevent excessive smoking by teaching kids about it at a young age, the more knowledge they have the better. It's common sense.

    The legalisation of marijuana hasn't stopped anyone smoking it. That law was ignored so much that it's decriminalised in most places now, meaning that if you are caught with it then it simply gets confiscated and no punishment will be given out, unless you're distributing it. Your "as long as you drink within limits" argument applies 100% with marijuana, your views are conflicting.

    Furthermore, marijuana's effects normally results in you being calm, happy, and indoors; holy crap let's call the cops. It is much safer to purchase clean marijuana from shops than to purchase tampered marijuana from drug dealers in the street.
  7. This thread should be locked. You can't force a handful of political debates at once. It will just be a colossal clusterfuck. Not to mention Jizzback is the most well known troll here and half of what he says is just to get a rise out of you.

    Political discussions need to occur more organically. This shit here will do nothing but give people a bad impression of what political debate on these forums can potentially be. We've had solid political banter here in the past and will again in the future. but this thread is just trash
  8. Actually agree.

    If you want to discuss one particular topic, open a new thread on that topic. No need to merge it all together.
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