[POLL] Choose the federation type for Fantasy Wrestling [INFO]

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Which E-Federation suits you?

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  1. Original Federation

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  2. Roleplay Federation

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  3. Angle Federation

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  4. Imitation Federation

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  1. OR



    It is now time to make your say, what would be better? An original federation with your own gimmicks and characters? Or an imitation federation with WWE Superstars etc..

    Read through the quotes and see which type you'd love to have as a E-Federation.
  2. Either Angle or Imitation sound the best to me. Voted Angle
  3. [​IMG]

    Definitely an angle with original characters.​
  4. Oh so what do you think Crayo, Angle with Original characters or Angle with Real superstars.
  5. Don't see why you couldn't have both, though those with big characters would be pretty limited. I would prefer original characters - it would encourage people to write up character profiles etc.
  6. Well it's better to use one of them..would be really confusing to have made-up wrestlers combined with real wrestlers.

    I prefer original characters too.
  7. Roleplay federation only because it makes it look less scripted, and definately way less unpredictable unless you're matching people up that aren't even close in skill, like Sin Cara vs Big Show per say. Cara would dominate hands down. But Cara and Mysterio, I would die for this match in this type of federation.
  8. I run an angle fed with completely original characters on a different site, I'll give you guys an example of how you might choose to create a character, so you can see in a little more detail how things might work in an angle fed. Of course, in your fed, you may choose to go about it in a completely different way.

    Here's an example of one of my character profiles. This is a character I've been using for quite some time now, so obviously it's a bit more detailed than what you'd have when you start off. He's got a "second generation" gimmick as he's the son of another character in the fed. If you guys are interested in example matches/promos, I can show you one of those as well:

    Character Name, Nickname (if any)

    Andrew Logan, "The Second Generation Superstar"


    6'0, 216 lbs


    September 24th, 1988


    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Attire and Appearance

    Short brown hair, brown eyes, clean shaven. Lean build.

    FACE: Blue tights (long) with silver and white vertical stripes, white boots, blue elbow pads with white number 2 on them.

    HEEL: Black tights (to slightly above knees) with white outlining stripes, white and blue "A.L." initials on back. Black boots, blue elbow pads but no number 2.

    FACE: Jeans, blue t-shirt with white letters saying "SECOND GENERATION", tennis shoes. Occasionally a backwards baseball cap.


    Style of Wrestling

    Technical, some high-flying

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO)

    Before both of his finishing moves, Logan throws his right hand up in the air with two fingers up (pointer and pinkie), signaling "Second Generation."

    –The Millennial (Raven Effect) -- Primary as heel, Secondary as Face

    -Silver Spoon (Top rope corkscrew elbow drop)-- can be done from turnbuckle or vaulting onto and off of top rope. When he climbs the turnbuckle he throws up his two-fingered pose, and the audience yells "SPOOOOOOON" (if he is a face. if he is a heel, they simply increase the volume of their boos.) --Primary as Face, Secondary as Heel

    Some Signature Moves

    -The Logan Crossface (mimic of his Father’s move)
    -Argentine Leglock
    -Belly to Belly Suplex, sets of 3 (tends to use to set up the Silver Spoon)
    -Shining Wizard
    -Tornado DDT
    -Sunset Flip
    -Armbar suplex
    -Fisherman suplex
    -Butterfly suplex
    -Swinging neckbreaker
    -Snap suplex
    -Spinning heelkick
    -Missile dropkick
    -Running/diving headscissors
    -Running dropkick to face of opponent in corner

    Entrance Style

    Blue and white lights flash around the entrance, and Logan appears with his back turned to the audience. As his music kicks into gear, he throws up the two-fingered pose, spins around, and jogs to the ring. He then poses on turnbuckles with the two-fingered hand signal.

    Entrance Theme

    Muse – “Map of the Problematique”


    Give a brief background of your character

    WCSF Wiki page!

    The son of WCSF Hall of Famer David Logan, Andrew Logan is the WCSF’s first second generation super star. Having been surrounded by the wrestling industry for his entire life, Andrew learned from one of the very best in his own home. He earned state amateur wrestling titles in high school, but passed on college to accept a developmental contract from the WCSF.

    While many second generation wrestlers in other federations are seen attempting to escape the shadow of their father’s legacy, it appears that up to this point, Andrew has actually embraced it. This unique approach to his unique position has already helped him stand out as one of the most technically talented prospects the WCSF has hired in years. With a championship caliber pedigree and the backing of some of the WCSF’s former greats, it appears that big things are in the future for this budding young star.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    The WCSF’s first ever Second Generation Superstar!

    As a face, Logan is confident, bordering on cocky, but respectful. He respects and embraces his father's accomplishments, but is seeking to carve his own niche in the business. He may go too far on occasion, seeking out challenges that are over his head just for the sake of proving himself.

    As a heel, Logan is bitter, spiteful, and supremely narcissistic. He believes himself to be a "thoroughbred," with the perfect genes of a pure-bred winner. He typically says that he may be a second generation star, but he's a first generation winner.
  9. Wow that was great information rey!

    So wwe-club is the site that the federation is on? It's pretty nice with a wiki and all.
  10. Thanks! Yeah that's the site, I created the fed there in January of 2005 and have been running it since with the help of a few other people, which makes up our booking team.
  11. I completely agree It gives people a chance to show more of their creativity and plus, we get to make the creative decisions!
  12. I don't want to go off-topic but threads like these, makes me jizz my pants:

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  13. Back when I was with the online efed ICW, it was an angle federation mixed with imitation. So, I'm down for that kind of efed.
  14. It'd be better to have an angle federation with original characters..having a mix will only confuse the whole thing and it'll most likely get very boring in the end. What you're saying is true my friend.
  15. I just want to get this started now.
  16. IKR! I have so many ideas.
  17. We've all contributed with every information there is...patience is not the key anymore!
  18. Start the recruitment thread. It's probably best in general WWE. Get people to enter their character details there. I'm working on mine now.
  19. Well i gotta work on my character details before i start any thread because i am definitely involved in this :emoji_slight_smile: