News Poll: Did AEW or NXT deliver the better show on Oct. 9?

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Who won the second week of the Wednesday Night War?

The second episode of TNT’s AEW Dynamite and the latest edition of NXT on USA Network are a wrap. There’s been time to watch them both (you know, if you’re not into that whole sleep thing) - or at least read up on what happened and check out Twitter GIFs or YouTube clips.

So which show did you enjoy more? Who delivered a more entertaining wrestling product on Weds., Oct. 9?

Was it NXT, with a Cruiserweight title change, a Biff vs. Marty main event, everyone gunning for Undisputed ERA, and the set-up for a big #1 contenders match in the Women’s division?

Or was it AEW, with the official introduction of the Inner Circle, challengers established for both singles titles, the start of the tag title tournament, and star-making moments galore?

You can peruse our Dynamite live blog & review and our NXT live blog & review before voting, if you want.

But we want your take, Cagesiders? Tell us...

And if these things matter to you, last week NXT won with 55% (or 4972) of 9045 votes, to Dynamite’s 45% (or 4073).

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