Poll for Aids' BITW nomination

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Normally I don't do this, but I'm rather torn on whether Aids should receive the BITW award or not. This poll isn't for definite either, so whatever the result, it's not a certainty that will BE the result.

    Simply vote in the poll (yes or no); posts in this thread aren't required. If you do decide to post, do not bash him or me in an attempt to look badass, because those posts will simply be junked.

    Here's some quick pros and cons.


    - Very active.
    - Genuinely loves the site, and is a loyal member.
    - Very funny
    - His wrestling posts normally consist of quality and well structured opinions.


    - Has been banned twice.
    - Can ignite flame wars (though that has seemingly stopped, hence why this nomination isn't a definite no. Hats off to him for that. Wonder if this should be a pro instead :hmm:).
    - More posts outside of the wrestling sections than the other BITW recipients.

    Thank you. Again, this isn't definite, it's just a matter of curiosity for me. But it will likely have an effect on my decision.

    Note: The poll isn't public, so users can not see who voted what.
  2. As much as I like him, to keep the award prestigious he doesn't have enough posts in wrestling sections for me.
  3. Might as well. Maybe the award should be prestigious and only kept for those with a bazillion posts (at least in the wrestling section), but it sees just about anyone gets upgraded to Legend as well. (Speaking of which, maybe I should throw my hat in to get the BITW award as well.)
  4. Legend isn't as prestigious as the BITW award. Why? Legend group is only here to cover site costs (and it doesn't even do that) among other reasons, but it's still not a group anyone can get into. You need 8,000 posts to qualify for the BITW award, but that doesn't mean you will receive it upon reaching that milestone.
  5. Also, here is a list of the current BITW award holders.

    Two of those users are at risk from losing their awards. It's a tough award to get and keep. I'd love to see anyone argue against some of those users holding it though.
  6. I'm all for quality over quantity. I vote for doing a gigantic poll through the whole forum where everyone votes (like this thread) whether someone have reached a point where they deserve it or not rather than just having a certain number of posts.

    8,000 posts... Hmm. Maybe I'll win the BITW award by 2015 or something. :dawg:
  7. IMO all are deserving.
  8. Cons:

    - Has been banned twice.

    Like a :boss:

    Big YES coming from me!
  9. We have enthusiast and contributor for wrestling-related rewards to those HQ users. BITW is meant to be a seriously hard award to get. In a community where a lot of users are HQ in wrestling sections, it won't exactly be prestigious. Plus, it's not just wrestling related.

    Users need to be friendly, loyal, active, among other requirements. It's the epitome of WF at the moment :adr:.
  10. If there's 2 users there who I wouldn't have gave it too it would be Farooq and Rain.

    Farooq has got 20 posts in the last 20 days, and even when he wasn't active I don't remember him posting that much in wrestling sections (may be wrong here).
    Rain has only just hit 8k posts and it's not like they're all wrestling related.
  11. Almost 3500 members and only 11 have it, seems pretty damn prestigious to me.
  12. Another thing is, people who are on actively and keeping this site going deserve recognition for it. 8000 posts is no easy feat, whether they're all wrestling realated or not, but as Lockard said, it shouldn't be the main criteria. Guys like him and Mustafar should receive it way before they reach 8000 posts because of their post quality.
  13. 100 5* matches is better than 10,000 3* matches.
  14. Not going to turn this into a debate but you have to be kidding me. Rain is one of the most active wrestling forum posters, he has taken quite a bit of time, was first MotM winner, and was one of few members who kept TNA active for months when i first started.

    Farooq was one of very few HQ members over a specific time period, getting a lot of new members welcomed and giving people reasoning to post. If you miss posts, a lot of farooqs are late nights for me/early mornings for you, which are insanely hard to keep active. Essentially you post all night, then wake up and you have an extra page to read before you can post again. He might have taken less of an interest, but i think the elite members like @Stopspot and @Seabs have also taken hiatus's as well, as real life sometimes conflicts with the WWEF schedule.
  15. Not if those three star matches include myself and Cheryl Cole, I'd much prefer 10,000 of those.
  16. Dammit Aids, now my post seems completely unrelated and weird :why:
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  17. Will drawings do? That's the best I got.
  18. 3*? :pity: You'd be lucky to get 1/2*, I've spoken to Xanth.
  19. [​IMG]

    Nice job, me. :phew:
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  20. :pipebomb:
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