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  1. My nanna went to see that dog at the shelter, it was too boistrous/not good on its lead at 4 years old, past training.

    So today she bought this.
    9 weeks old Poochon (Poodle crossed with Bichon Frisé)


    Picture makes it seem massive, it's smaller than a bottle of coke (500ml)

  2. :fap: that dog's too cute.
  3. :obama:

    Taken on webcam. I'll take my camera down tomorrow when I go, get a better pic. :true:
  4. Cute dog man. :burns:
  5. :lol1:


  6. My reaction :yay:
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  7. :obama:
  8. *kidnaps it*
  9. Aww, sweet dog..

    LET HIM DO TRIKZ! :laugh:
  10. He can barely walk ATM. :win:
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