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    Must be pretty disheartening walking out to a lot of empty seats. Anyone know what this stadium could hold?
  2. Those $127 seats just dont look worth it. In fact i doubt id pay for any of those seats, sadly.
  3. Those $22 seats across from the ramp are a great deal IMO.
  4. Last nights taping for next week was very bad and apparently a lot of people left when guys were making their entrances for the Main Event so next weeks episode might look like a ghost town
  5. Rumor has it half the crowd left after the Bully promo at the taping for next weeks episode. I feel bad.
  6. Well damn that has to suck for TNA. I'm actually surprised that they had that many seats unsold.
  7. 1500ish paid tickets, plus the walkup crowd gets TNA a 1700ish people for the show. Considering this is a suckhole I've never heard before they announced it on TV, I think it's a decent number.
  8. They really should have cheaper tickets. And choose better locations.
  9. Why on earth would anyone choose places like Corpus Christi, Duluth, Peoria and Wichita Falls for a TV wrestling show? Makes no fucking sense. You go for bigger crowds ffs (like they did in Dallas, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Chicago).

    Next taping places sound promising though:

    - Norfolk, VA (8/15)
    - Cleveland, OH (8/29)
    - St. Louis, MO (9/12)
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  10. Wichita Falls. What the hell is that?
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  11. To be honest TNA seems to be spending too much time in Texas. Feels like every 3rd or 4th taping is in Texas. And unless they go to wrestling friendly cities I can see people going "We went 4 weeks ago, why go again so soon?" or something like that. Isn't the east coast more wrestling friendly in general?
  12. TNA is going a lot in redneck states, since they hail from Nashville anyway. No problem there. But since you're already doing that, choose bigger towns, like they did with Jonesboro (taping had 4000+ ppl).
  13. They need to hit up the northeast. Lots of wrestling fans up there that'd actually show up

  14. They seem to only go to that region for PPVs. I know they had Slammy in Boston and BFG in Philly a couple of years ago.. but yea, why not just spend your time touring/taping in PA, NY, ect? Makes the most sense to me.
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  15. Wrestling was always in the northeast, that's where it started. No matter what year were in, a wrestling event will probably sell out in NY, Boston, Philly, hell even jersey and the rest of New England. It just makes no sense why they're going to small Midwest and southeast cities.
  16. In their defense, the crowd sounded so much better than most WWE crowds.
  17. If that rumor is true then that's just flat out weird.
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