Poor Kofi...

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  1. ...He doesn't even know what he's getting himself into:

    Here's hoping Brock destroys all three men. And lol @ Big E still referring to Brock as the 1 in 21-1. Taker is now officially 22-1.
  2. A couple of thoughts:

    1) The aforementioned record of 22-1.

    2) Those shirts are pretty badass.

    3) "New Day City" is not nearly as catchy as "Suplex City".

    4) :21-1: The Power of Being the Baddest Motherfucker to Ever Step Foot in a Professional Wrestling Ring >>>>> The Power of Positivity.

    My predicition: F-5's for EVERYBODY!!!!!!!

  3. Pour one out for a brother.
  4. Kofi's hair was bothering me throughout the video.
  5. I'm looking forward to this so much. Excellent promo
  6. I'm so hyped for this!


  7. Rest in Peace Kofi Kingston. Alas we knew the man well, and let us forever remember him in our hearts. I ask for moment of silence for the fallen man.


    Now, does anybody have anything to say, before we bury the body? Actually we gave responsibilities to HHH for burying. He was more than happy to do it.
  8. Poor Kofi? He's about to get a sweet check once this show is over.. He's going to get squashed and probably get one of the biggest paychecks of his career.
  9. Kofi'll win... if he does a let's play of 2K15 on Woods' channel that is.
  10. Your point? I'm obviously speaking from a kayfabe point of view since the promo I posted above is obviously in-character as well. I couldn't give a shit how much money he's gonna make from this, good for him.
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