Pope out of BFG series

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  2. Thanks for the share.
  3. You're welcome. :emoji_slight_smile: Always my pleasure when I actually come across something before it's posted here. I edited my original post to include the photo rather than just the link though.
  4. I posted on this last week FIY.

    But nice to see some updates.
  5. :hmm: So his real name is Elijah Burke then....:finger: Impact. Always gotta keep the black man down. Racist.
  6. Damn I really thought he was going to win...
  7. Sorry, guess I should have posted the update on that thread instead of starting a new one.
  8. fuck that looks painful
  9. Sucks for him to not be able to continue. I've got a ton of respect for Pope/Elijah. (Am I the only one who thinks it would actually be cool to have a Pope named Elijah?). I loved him when he was on WWECW and have consistently enjoyed his work on TNA.

    Hope he gets better soon.

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