Battleground Popeye & Bluto Confirm Tag Team Appearance at 'BattleGround!'

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  1. "The animated duo of 'Popeye & Bluto' confirmed today that they will appear at 'BattleGround' to take on all comers. "Ack..ack..ack...ack..ack.." Stated Popeye. " I will attack all that come after me as I attacked my now partner in our previous animated cartoons." Replied Bluto. No word as of yet if Elmer Fudd and Wille E. Coyote will come out of retirement to challenge them.
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  2. lololol. That is completely silly.
  3. What exactly do you think is silly, the idea or the thread creator? Or both? :idk::smug:
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  4. Hmmm. I don't know him so it would be rude to call him silly, but maybe he is silly. The idea is def silly, tho.
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  5. ""Of Course" it's silly... the whole WWE is **silly** this forum is silly; thousands of folks talking seriously about a bunch of muscled people that if they had to wrestle in a Collegiate format, would be laughed out of the ring! You want a real match? Put only the match particapants in the ring, forbid *anyone* else to approach the ring, and have a Ref in each corner. If anyone interefres in the match for a participant, said participant loses said match, **and** if this is a title match, said wrestler loses his/her belt. Now, we have a serious company, with serious matches, and serious participants and serious forum members. Oooooga Booooga!
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  7. Nah dude is weird as hell. He legit only posts hypothetical's that involve sex changes, murder, and what you read above.
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  9. I'm not wierd, this whole Forum is wierd <VBG.>
  10. Awesome! I love Popeye! I never followed Bluto but this sounds like a hell of a tag team! Hope he brings his spinach to the ring lmao
  11. I'd prefer Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny to challenge. Bugs would take out Popeye and Bluto then turn on Sam just for the laughs from the crowd and we'd get a nice "I hates that rabbit!" to finish.
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  12. This reminds me of the day I told everybody I wanted to be a wrestler. Bugs and Daffy made it look so harmless to poke fun at each other that I decided wrestling school that coming Friday.