Population Override

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. Now lemme tell you mutha fuckas, this is a fucking badass album. It's made by the combination of Travis Dickerson and Buckethead, and the first of these two I may add.

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    Look at that album, cover and that CD. That is a sexy CD.

    Now that we got the album artwork out of the way, let's skip to something even better: the music.

    Starts off Jazzy as a old black guy with sunglasses. Unrestrained Growth. Then after that it stays quiet, a small drum roll and Buckethead enters with a soft guitar and some of Travis's piano work. The feels are strong with this song, and the name fitting for it too: Too Many Humans. After that train of feels we arrive to be hit with high tempo for the next song, one that hits with even more Jazz, but a more in focus on Travis's piano skills than Unrestrained Growth. This song is Population Override, and it is Jazzy as well. Next song is soft intro by Buckethead, another one on the tracks of feels. It's short, by itself, lonely, and the track name describes it perfectly: Humans Vanish.

    Gonna leave it to anybody who is actually interested to listen to this album to review the rest of the album :tough:

    I know many may like it, or many will not, but I don't care. I give this album 5 stars. It's beautiful, jazzy and a perfect team work for Travis and ole Buckethead. Final words is, if you're gonna listen to any song from this album, Too Many Humans is my recommendation.

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