Pornstar running for Mayor of Toronto

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 28, 2014.

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  1. It seems Rob Ford current Mayor of Toronto has some interesting competition.. Well known Pornstar Nikki Benz is officially running for Mayor of Toronto against Ford.


    Ford is currently in a drug rehabilitation center, I'm pretty sure it was crack related although don't quote me on that I'm not THAT big into Canadian politics.

    When I was younger Nikki Benz used to be my model of choice, she says with strong confidence that she can run Toronto way better than Ford currently has as well as over the past few years.

    Article Here.

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  2. Read this yesterday? Think she's not allowed to run, but not sure.
    Anyway, @Senhor Perfect
    Her or Ford?
  3. First a crack addict, now maybe a pornstar? Here I cum Toronto.
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  4. Any sober person could lol.... Canadian politics are becoming entertaining.
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  5. Yeah I was reading some stuff about it, I would love for someone who lives in Canada to clarify the whole thing up haha totally unsure of Canadian Politics :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I think she'll be able to in the long run I mean Ford is a pretty shitty person in general haha, after being almost forced into rehab I'm totally not sure they can really hold her back. We'll see though the story is still pretty fresh so maybe we'll hear some more about the legality of her registering here shortly.
  6. Rob Ford is a smart man tho. Just because he does crack and dances in his underwear is not a valid reason to give him the boot.
  7. Don't really know Canadian Politics that well, mostly because I ignore it. Senhor probably can explain it better as he lives in Toronto and has been for a long long long long long long long long long long long time.
  8. I suppose that is true and he did check into rehab at I believe they were saying was the country's top rehabilitation center so he's doing all the "right" moves in order to make up for that admission last year.. Do they have debates for this shit? If these two are the candidates going against eachother I would love to peep that.
  9. Wouldn't be the first time a porn star went into politics. Cicciolina served in the Italian parliament for like 4 years.
  10. Ford! Motherfucker is breaking the mold son. On crack and still over 3 bills. Lengendary!
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  11. Man, Senhor for ambassador to the world. If a pornstar can get it (it's not the best PR run) who can't? It's like Jesse Ventura was in Minnesota. Great guy, awesome tv show, did amazing work for the people, but where were his credentials? People just said "I hate the guy running our state ATM, Ventura can't be any worse than that guy," and called it good.

    Oh and also, I cant.
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    I kid. I am going to sound horrible for saying this, but I think women are too emotional to be in politics. Though I am aware it has been happening for years. I wouldn't be advertising myself like a porno chick though if I were her.
  13. No wonder he doesn't worry about the shit he does... if I had 50 mil my big ass might be on that same road lol

  14. She's still better than Golding or Farage.
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