News Portions of WWE Over the Edge 1999 to Be Edited for the WWE Network

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Italianman3100!, Feb 9, 2014.

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    What are your guys thoughts?
  2. Probably should have just aired the PPV unedited. Put a warning at the beginning saying what happens. I really doubt they did it 'out of respect for Owen' and they just don't want people who aren't aware of the Owen situation to start researching after watching the PPV and hearing about it.
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  3. So they plan on cutting out the parts of the PPV where Owen was involved or mentioned. In my mind that's disrespectful to JR because he had the toughest job in the world by having to keep everyone updated and then revealing that Owen was dead. He could barely commentate the rest of the night and on Raw is War without choking up because of how sad he was over Owen's death. Even so, I'd say it's flat out disrespectful to both Owen and JR.
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  4. Really if they respected him would The Blue Blazer had happened? would the New Foundation with his 1980s hipster pants ever had happened? No

    WWE didn't care about him nor did they have any thought that he may be a star until his brother told Vinnie.

    If they respected him they should have gotten on the mic announced what had happened, say Owen JUST DIED and give them a voucher to come to tomorrows RAW so we can see the rest of the PPV.

    WWE should not upload OTL 1999 at all, WWE is all about money, they could care less about Owen or respect

    oh yeah, FUCK WWE:rock:
  5. They should just remove the entire section of Owen Hart's accident. Remove JR and Jerry Lawler's announcement that they've got confirmation that Owen is dead as well, maybe. If they mention in passing during any of the matches about "the tragedy that took place earlier tonight" and whatnot, then mute those portions of commentary as well. Leaving the actual incident intact but with a warning label could work, but leaving footage in of a guy falling to his death still seems pretty distasteful.

    Basically, erase the entire incident and upload the rest of the PPV.
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  6. There is no footage of him falling...
  7. Also, if they're doing every Raw like they promised.

    What about his tribute show the next night? How will they get around it??
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  8. This as well. That's why IMO the unedited show with a pre-show warning (including a link to Raw is Owen) is the only way to go about it. WWE will probably edit out all of the Owen stuff from Raw. They much prefer to sweep things under the rug as opposed to actually addressing them. "Oh us?? Owen?? Yea, that was sad, but how about all those other PPVs where we didn't accidentally kill one of the most talented performers ever through our stupidity!"
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  9. JR had to announce to everyone at home that Owen died smartass.
  10. I don't know
  11. Guess what? They obviously knew and if not it was announced the next day on the tribute episode.
  12. Did the fans at the arena know? no, smart ass
  13. What?
  14. Then I fail to see what the issue even is, outside of a few references to his death made throughout the show.

    And in regards to Raw Is Owen, I don't see why they should take it out... not that it'd make a big difference either way.
  15. Re read that.
  16. Can you just tell me? what the heck does They O mean, unless it means Oh as in "Oh, i just forgot" then it could make sense
  17. Like I said, the issue is WWE doesn't want people who are unaware of what happened finding out that they essentially killed Owen Hart. Bad for business.
  18. Do you know what editing a post means.
  19. Will anyone really care? I don't think it really makes them look bad since it was just a freak accident. There's always a small possibility that if newer fans see Owen Hart in the archive footage on the Network, they'll decide to look him up and end up finding out how he died anyway. (If they look deeper into it, they'll also find out that Vince sued the harness company into oblivion over it.)
  20. Sorry, didn't look at it again.

    But the fact is they should have stopped the show, imagine if Cena died at EC the show would have halted and that's that. Owen was wheeled away with his blood in a corner? c'mon guys that's common sense at least change the mat like they do now.

    The tribute show was shit to, i respect the people who agreed to work but really i don't want my 2 hours of entertainment to be blasted with really emotional wrestlers. i think they should have done the same thing they did with Benoit, highlights of his career.

    The show was filled with squash matches which had no deal being there. Keep the tribute speeches but not 1 1/2 hours of squash matches and 30 mins of wrestlers crying.
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