Possibility of Wrestlemania in London

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheChosenOne110, Dec 17, 2015.

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  1. I know there has been several conversations in the past about the WWE holding a major PPV outside of the USA but what is everybody's thoughts of London holding a Wrestlemania at Wembley Stadium. They would easily get 90.000 fans in attendance and make it one of the largest PPVS in history.

    Back in 2013 John Cena did a promo at WWE RAW and entertained the fact that London should hold a Wrestlemania. Many people argued the fact that USA is 5 Hours behind the UK and it would be the middle of the afternoon in the states which would not appeal to the people and that the UK has bad weather and there is a possibility that it would rain in the staduim yet Wembley Stadium does have a roof and it does fully close. Roll on to the WWE NXT TAKEOVER:LONDON event which was held at the SSE Wembley Arena which was also broadcast live around the world on the WWE NETWORK so i do think that it is possible for the WWE to broadcast Wrestlemania live from London.

    The crowd was on fire and one of the loudest i have ever heard, imagine 90 odd thousand fans packed into Wembley Stadium and how much noise they would make for an event like Wrestlemania, A Wrestlemania in London makes so much sense in the fact that London is one of the major cities in the world and the amount of visitors that visit the city each year is in the millions and that the UK is WWE'S biggest market outside of the USA, There is so much potential for a Wrestlemania in London to be so successful, there are so many places the WWE can hold Wrestlemania Access Weekend like the excel at docklands then the hall of fame at Wembley Arena and then hold RAW and Smackdown at the o2 Arena
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  2. It's gonna happen eventually I would think, perhaps not for a long time though.
    But you're right, the crowd would be incredible.
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  3. I could see them maybe doing a Summerslam there but not Wrestlemania. The whole time zone thing makes it too weird for people in America.
  4. WM in London?! I wouldn't mind one bit. Do I see it happening anytime soon, though? Nope, sadly.
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