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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 11, 2015.

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  2. Iron Man Matches - Yes
    Shane McMahon - Depends on the content
    Best of Superstars - No
    Randy Orton - Yeah, enough has happened since his last one.
    Hardcore - Always
    Divas Biography - No
    The History of the U.S. Championship - Yes
    The Usos - No, wait another 3-5 years
    The Best of RAW & SmackDown '15 - Yes
    Best PPV Matches '15 - Yes
    The Miz & Mizdow - Not sure there would be enough content to fill the normal 3-4 hour running time. If it's just a 30 minute doc then yeah, why not.
    Stardust - No
    The Best of NXT - Yes, definitely.
    Unreleased Matches - Yes, I don't think WWE has ever released a DVD set of dark matches.
    Total Divas Season 1 - it got enough ratings so it warrants home video release.
  3. my interest from 1-10

    Iron Man Matches- 1
    Shane McMahon- 10
    Best of Superstars- 1
    Randy Orton- 1
    Hardcore- 3
    Divas Biography- 0
    The History of the U.S. Championship- 5
    The Usos- 0
    The Best of RAW & SmackDown '15- 0
    Best PPV Matches '15- 3
    The Miz & Mizdow- 2
    Stardust- 0
    The Best of NXT- 4
    Unreleased Matches- ???
    Total Divas Season 1- lol

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  4. Last year they had the Best of RAW: After the Show DVD that had some dark matches on it.
  5. True, but the majority of it was just off air playing around. A DVD set specifically dedicated to dark matches would be cool.
  6. I'd be down for Shane-O Mac, The Best of NXT and Unreleased matches, definitely.
  7. There NEEDS to be a DVD release all about the end of The Streak. Seriously, I've heard that the 21-1 graphic was just being finished when Lesnar was going for that 3rd F5, that WWE flashed a 22-0 graphic right as the match was going to begin, things like that.
  8. why not wait until Taker is properly retired and do one about his entire career instead? That is going to sell better than one about just one match
  9. Well there's things like the 21-1 graphic that was showed was just being finished when Lesnar went for that 3rd F5, there being a 22-0 graphic being flashed as the match begun, there could be people shown watching the match backstage, etc.
  10. That doesn't explain why there should be an entire DVD documentary dedicated to it. That's nutty.

    I'd much rather watch a 3-4 hour Documentary dedicated to Callaway's entire career rather than one dedicated to one of the most questionable moments in it, which included him wrestling about 60% of the match concussed and barely walking. And I'm sure that goes for the majority of his fanbase
  11. Pretty solid list honestly, I'd probably find myself watchin 80% of those.
  12. Iron Man Matches - Well, there's only been like four or five Iron Man matches in history and every one of them has been pretty great except for that Cena/Orton abomination at Bragging Rights '09, so may as well throw them all on one set.
    Shane McMahon - Interesting. Hopefully Shane himself will make an appearance on the DVD and we'll hear about his perspective on things directly from him. A lot of potentially interesting stuff that they could delve into here (at least if they're willing to be brutally honest), especially since we know a lot less about Shane's happenings backstage than we do Vince, HHH, or Stephanie's.
    Best of Superstars - Otherwise known as "Best Of Heath Slater" or "Best Of Zack Ryder's Matches That Lasted More Than A Whole Minute." Yeah, I'll pass on this one.
    Randy Orton - Maybe.
    Hardcore - Yes.
    Divas Biography - Depends on the Diva, but this is likely a pass for me either way.
    The History of the U.S. Championship - Yes.
    The Usos - Agree with Just Kevin, they should wait at least another few years before releasing this one. I know they've been with the company for a good while now, but they only started finding success and a decent run as of late 2013/earlylast year.
    The Best of RAW & SmackDown '15 - Yes.
    Best PPV Matches '15 - Yes.
    The Miz & Mizdow - They're seriously releasing an entire DVD of this one? This sounds like it'd make for a quick one-hour featurette on the Network at best. I dunno, if they release every single promo and segment they ever shared together, it might be worth it, but otherwise, no.
    Stardust - Not even worthy of a featurette like above, let alone an entire DVD.
    The Best of NXT - Not a fan of NXT, but should be a treat for those who are.
    Unreleased Matches - Maybe. Depends entirely on the matches.
    Total Divas Season 1 - And no.
  13. Iron Man Matches- I'd be happy with that.
    Shane McMahon- I used to love him as a kid, so I think I'd probably get that.
    Best of Superstars- No thanks
    Randy Orton- Doesn't interest me
    Hardcore- Yes please.
    Divas Biography- It depends on which Diva. If it was the Bellas I'd say absolutely not, but if it was like Mae Young, Moolah or Alundra Blayze or somebody like that I'd definitely buy.
    The History of the U.S. Championship- That could be interesting.
    The Usos- I'd say they haven't done enough up until now to warrant a DVD.
    The Best of RAW & SmackDown '15- I haven't enjoyed a lot of Raw this year and I don't watch SD, but I'm sure it'd sell well.
    Best PPV Matches '15- Yeah.
    The Miz & Mizdow- They didn't do nearly enough with the storyline for me to be even remotely interested.
    Stardust- No.
    The Best of NXT- I'd most probably buy that, it'd most likely be the PPV matches thus far, which I loved.
    Unreleased Matches- Depends upon the matches
    Total Divas Season 1- It'll be a big sell (I'd guess) but I'd have no cause to buy it.
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