Possible change coming for Big E

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. That was quicker than expected.
  2. Lol. See ya' later Big E.
  3. If they do the change now it is a smart move. It is still early enough to do a big change without too many repercussions.
  4. Go away ryblack!
  5. Yea I thought he didn't make that much of an impact since his debut.
  6. As long as it doesn't result in a feud with Ziggler, I'm OK with anything. Zigs need to focus on the WHC.
  7. Maybe he will team up with his brother E.Jackson! :pipebomb:
  8. lol where is Jackson BTW?
  9. what BTW?
  10. Stands for by the way.
  11. idk?
  12. Getting him away from Ziggler would be good, indeed. He seems a bit lost in the shuffle there as they said.
  13. Big E Langstone was lost in the mix the minute he came out with AJ
  14. Big E Langston does need to get away for them in my opinion, this is good news.
  15. Good news for Big E if WWE handles it right. I agree that he's pretty much a non-entity with his current role. He hasn't done much or made an impact like they hoped. He's just kind of there in the background. Seemed stupid to me to put him in the AJ/Ziggler mix and hope for him to be noticed much in the first place.
  16. Source?
  17. http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/exclusive-articles/change-coming-for-big-e-langston-wrestlemania-creative-news/
  18. Yeah they're a shitty source unfortunately.
  19. Usually, yes. This one made some logical sense though, so I posted it.
  20. Yeah posting it is fine - causes some good discussion. Why WWE thought Big E would get over like this is beyond me. Big E is over as hell in NXT for his five-count gimmick, I understand it's quite similar to Ryback's squash gimmick but there is nothing wrong with two powerhouse faces active on the roster.
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